How to Access Netgear Router Login Page?

Triggering or accessing the Netgear Router Login page is an easy thing to do in this world. You might get confused after checking various non-working tutorials over the Internet. Everyone has their own theory of justification or implementing those steps might work well for them. It is obvious to think the same steps could for you too. But mostly those won’t. I suggest you troubleshoot the Wi-Fi router to know the cause of not getting the Netgear router login page when you try with random login IP addresses. Instead, there are some sure ways that you should follow to access the router login page of Netgear router.

Actually, why you need the admin login page of the wireless router when you have the installation disc of a wireless router?

The reasons are many. Here are some to mention

  • You won’t have any control over individual settings when you change router settings via installation disc.
  • You need to use the disc again and again when you require modifying certain things like Wi-Fi password etc.
  • You won’t get access to core option like parental controls, resetting the router from admin dashboard, etc.

So, how can you access the Netgear Router login page manually using the Router login IP address? Check it out now!

How Do I Get Netgear Router Login Page?

To get the login page of the Netgear Router, you will need to know the exact private IP address of the wireless router. How can you see that? Follow me.

Method 1: Check the Instruction Booklet of the Router

When you purchase a Wi-Fi router, you will get a guide that contains all the instructions that you need to know to setup Netgear Router. Within the booklet, find the login IP address which will help you to get the admin login page of the router. Typically they look like or or a web address like

Instead of guessing the right IP address, there is a sure way to extract the working routerlogin IP address through the command prompt. To know how, follow the second method.

Method 2: Router Login IP through Command Prompt

The command prompt is one of the best tools to solve some kernel technical issues. One among them is knowing the IP address of the router like Netgear. So, follow the steps below to understand how you can identify the Routerlogin address of a Netgear Router.

  1. Open the Command Prompt by opening the Run dialogue box (Ctrl + R) and then type ‘cmd’ (without quotes).
  2. Now enter ‘ipconfig’ (without quotes) to get the Network adapter configuration information.
  3. Under the ‘Ethernet Adapter’ info, note down the ‘Default Gateway’ which is your router IP address. Generally, it would be like
  4. Type ‘exit’ to close the command prompt.

Whenever you trigger the wireless router with its default IP address, you will get the login credentials window. After entering the Netgear Router default login credentials, you will be taken to the admin dashboard. There you can perform whatever changes that you are willing to do.

In this way, you can get the Netgear router login page to modify the above settings within the admin console. If you encounter any difficulty while following the steps mentioned above, let me know. See you!

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