New Balance Fresh Foam 980 Running Shoe Review

The New Balance Fresh Foam 980 launched earlier in 2014 and many runners are excited about New Balance Fresh Foam 980the shoe that is boasting a new innovative design. The team at New Balance configured the Fresh Foam 980 using computer software in response to actual data that runners provided during their testing. The result is a shoe that fits comfortably around the entire foot, and provides the comfort and stability you need as a runner.

Design features of the New Balance Fresh Foam 980

The midsole of the New Balance Fresh Foam 980 shoe features concave and convex hexagonal structures that are designed to provide structure as well as cushioning in the right spots. In addition, the shoe has a 4mm drop with no-sew uppers, a breathable mesh and comes in a handful of color schemes to fit your desire.

For those who are looking for a shoe that has a mix of a low heel-to-toe drop, minimal uppers in addition to cushioned and structured midsole, then the Fresh Foam 980 might just be what you are looking for.


This shoe comes in both men’s and women’s models, going at a very reasonable price for such a good quality running shoe. It can be used for all kinds of running like marathons and road racing. It has an outsole that mimics a flattened honeycomb, providing the runner with full contact to the ground thus promoting a stable and cushioned running performance.

Comfort, stability and weight

New-Balance-Fresh-Foam-98-2The New Balance Fresh Foam 980 shoe is very soft but at the same time not too flimsy, providing your feet with a comfortable hug that it needs during easy running sessions. The shoe has a flattened bottom that provides the runner with full ground contact and gives him the stability they need during routine runs.

The shoe is also very light with a weight of about 8.8oz for the men’s model while the women’s model weighs at 7.2oz, giving you less resistance when running. The shoe has a fit that is slightly wider as compared to the previous New Balance 890 but with an average overall fit together with non-restricting overlays, this show can accommodate a wide range of foot shapes.

This shoe is recommended for lighter runners. The New Balance Fresh Foam shoe uses its PL4 last which moderately fits through the forefoot and heel and opens up at the toe box enabling it to accommodate different types of foot shapes.

Overall Impression of New Balance Fresh Foam 980

The shoe has the simplicity of having a midsole that is one-piece and it uses geometry to provide the runner with needed support. These features make the transition of this shoe very quick, making it the best shoe for forefoot strikers as well as heel strikers. Those using the shoe should expect a great deal of support whenever they walk or run in it.

This is a shoe that many runners can and will appreciate due to its light weight and its great cushioning and its minimal offset that does maximize performance. The 980 offers the runner with some unnatural cushioning as well as natural running. Whether you are a seasoned runner or you just got into this sport, this shoe is sure to make your running more enjoyable.

Last thoughts on the New Balance Fresh Foam 980New-Balance-Fresh-Foam-98-5

The Fresh Foam 980 from New Balance certainly has a look all of its own. The design elements are all in place to provide added benefits for the runner, and they do a great job of making the shoe as stable and comfortable as possible. They also provide great ventilation which is ideal for those that run longer distances. The New Balance Fresh Foam 980 is another excellent shoe from the NB range.

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