New York asks for more rapid tests for the coronavirus

New York asks for more rapid tests for the coronavirus, the slow reaction to the spread of the infection complicates the situation in the country....

On Friday the government of new York appealed to the Federal government a letter asking for additional test sets for the new coronavirus, stating that the limited capacity of the city to test for the virus “prevented our ability to confront this epidemic“.

As of Friday noon, according to the Department of health of the city, in the last month coronavirus in new York were surveyed at least 100 people, even despite growth of fears that the virus circulates mostly unnoticed.

Officials said Friday that so far 33 people in the state tested positive for the disease — the majority in new Rochelle, North of new York city. Officials admitted that probably there were many more.

“I think it is fair to say that we have no idea how many new Yorkers were infected with the virus, without knowing it,” said a member of the city Council of new York mark Levin, who heads the health Committee of the city Council.

Demeter Daskalakis, Deputy Commissioner of the Department of health, said Thursday afternoon that at the present time in new York enough kits for diagnostics only “for about a thousand people”, before the Express kits over.

A letter from city officials from the Centers for control and disease prevention suggests that a limited number of tests is already undermining the city’s efforts, citing “the slow Federal action.”

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