New York creates a “containment zone” in new Rochelle – coronavirus

According to officials, the plan envisages the creation of "zones of containment" in new Rochelle with a radius of 1 mile from the center of the synagogue, located at the epicenter of the outbreak....

Synagogue “Young Israel of new Rochelle” is located in the centre of a couple of kilometers of the zone of deterrence, created on Tuesday by officials of the state of new York.

Due to the fact that new Rochelle, a small town North of new York city in Westchester County, which became the center of an epidemic in the state, Governor Andrew Cuomo of new York on Tuesday announced a deliberate strategy of containment of the spread of the virus.

According to officials, the state plan provides for the creation of “zones of containment” in new Rochelle with a radius of one mile from the centre of the synagogue, expected to be in the center of the cluster.

Mr. Cuomo said that schools and other large facilities, such as community centers and houses of worship will be closed for two weeks starting Thursday. Such enterprises as grocery stores and grocery stores, will remain open. The government is not planning to close streets or to impose restrictions on travel, he said.

According to Cuomo, the state also planned to send the National guard to the area to clean up schools and delivering food to quarantine residents.

Cluster in Westchester County for the first time attracted the attention of the authorities last week, when the lawyer, who lives in new Rochelle and works in Manhattan, Lawrence Garbuz, became the second man in new York, who last week was diagnosed with coronavirus.

On Tuesday Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the state had confirmed 173 cases. In Westchester County there were 108 cases, and in new York — 36 cases of infection, he said. New Jersey on Tuesday also announced new cases, bringing them to 15.

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