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Next weekend thousands of hunters gallegos will have the possibility of leaving the mountain in search of the desired species of small game.

Rabbits, partridges, and pheasants, waiting for the arrival of the migratory, are the goals most sought after by the majority of hunters who eagerly await the start of this new season hunting.
Uncertainty and illusion are the notes predominant a few days of the start of the season 2015/16 in Galicia. Uncertainty by checking whether the economic effort and material performed by the societies of hunting to attempt to recover the populations of big game hunting has given its fruits. Already nothing will be the assumptions and reflections on the state of the populations of small game, will be the reunion between the field and the lovers of hunting that will determine the reality.
It seems that, in general, the situation of the populations of partridges and rabbits, remains very, very delicate. That much-desired rebound in the populations do not just occur, and a few societies of hunting have even decided to close the season before its opening, shows unmistakably of the agonizing situation through which goes the game in a large part of the territory of galicia.
But, despite the fact that the expectations are not too good, the hunters gallegos maintain, year after year, intact the illusion before the arrival of the first day of the hunting season less. That tingling in the stomach, those alarm clocks early birds and this ‘craving’ to re-live this passion called hunting will be felt in Galicia this weekend.
While the uncertainty and fuels the illusion, what they do have guaranteed the hunters gallegos are those other values intrinsic to the activity hunting: the camaraderie, the friendship and solidarity will emerge in this long-awaited reunion of the crews of peers. year after year after year. return to revive feelings in search of the elusive rabbits and the cunning partridges.
From the Table Galician for the Hunt we hope you have a happy start of hunting season and enjoy to the maximum of the field and the work of their faithful companions hunting: dogs.

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