Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort

Address: P. O. Box 11, Kalibo Post Office, Boat Station 1, Boracay / Caticlan, Philippines 5000

Editor Reviews:

Remarkably located, Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort affords panoramic views in the White Beach. Walking distance to the shores of Boracay beach, they also offer straightforward accessibility to most popular island attractions and aquatic sports. Encompassed by trendy restaurants, bars, and lively nightclubs, Boracay Island can be so good for an exciting holiday.

Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort

Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort boasts 15 modish and well furnished rooms, superb amenities like spacious balcony with breathtaking ocean views, private verandahs, as well as basic facilities important for a snug stay. All in all, the tropical ambience, tranquil atmosphere, beautiful and affordable accommodation units, makes Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort worth an appointment!

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