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Nike Women’s Free Run 5.0 Running Shoe Review

Nike’s Free Run shoes have been a popular choice with runners for quite a while now. They have released many running shoes, both for women and men and they really understand what a runner needs in a shoe. The Nike women’s Free Run 5.0 is just another great example of this understanding they have. This new running shoe was released in 2014, and was an upgrade from the previous Free 3.0 and Free 4.0 models.

The Nike women’s Free Run 5.0 shoe is light with a minimalistic design, and imitates bare foot movement while still providing traction, cushioning and underfoot protection needed by runners. Even though they do have a minimalistic design to them, the Free Run 5.0 shoes do offer a lot of comfort and support.

A closer look at the Nike women’s Free Run 5.0

Design features

The stride and step that a woman makes when running is different to that of a man’s, and this should affect the way a shoe is designed. Fortunately Nike understands this, and they have designed this shoe specifically for women’s running style, and to specifically fit and adapt to women feet.

Nike have also made them a very attractive option, not only with their design, but also with the massive range of colors they have available. The shoe therefore comes in many colors including purple, bright orange, blue, green, black metallic, atomic red, glacier white, bright magenta, name them.


Comfort is a very important factor while looking for running shoes. For one to run for long distances, the shoe she is wearing should continuously provide comfort throughout the race, irrespective of how long the runway is. The Nike women’s Free Run 5.0 is much more comfortable than its predecessor, Free Run 4.0. This is due to its low weight of only 3 pounds.

It features supportive overlays as well as internal mid-foot straps to ensure optimum comfort while running. And if that’s not enough, the shoe’s air sole unit in the heel is slightly thicker to provide extra cozy cushioning.

Stability and flexibility

The sole is more flexible, while the upper part has a soft but durable mesh design, letting you to pound the pavement in comfort. This mesh design also provides a simulation of real socks, making the shoe to hug the foot thus preventing slippage.

The midsole is a low profile heel, with an offset of only 8mm, delivering a bare foot feel while providing more stability even in uneven grounds. Moreover, the arch consists of diagonal cuts that encourage natural motion flexibility.

Highlights of the Free Run 5.0

  • Well cushioned sole
  • Great upper fit
  • Upper seamless design with small perforations
  • Comfortable Phyllite midsole
  • Flex groove outsole
  • Textured full inner mesh sleeve
  • Flywire shoe-lace system

Last thoughts on the Nike women’s Free Run 5.0

The Free Run 5.0 for women proves to be a great shoe for long distance running. It is made to a really high quality and provides a comfortable and stable fit. Whether you just need a shoe for occasional exercise, or you want it for regular long distance running, the Nike women’s Free Run 5.0 is an excellent choice and offers great value for money.

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