Nursing homes must prevent visitation due to coronavirus

The problem of the virus "is one of the most significant, if not the most significant" problems that has ever faced the healthcare industry....

In nursing homes and livelihoods should take unprecedented actions to reduce the most visits to social networks, and even to take steps not to allow some members to slow the spread of a new coronavirus, was reported by the representatives of the Ministry of health on Tuesday.

The recommendation follows an outbreak of the coronavirus in the region around Seattle, where five long-term care facilities have been documented cases of the disease, including the establishment in Kirkland, Washington state, killing 18 people. Currently in the United States were more than 950 cases of the coronavirus, including 29 deaths.

The mortality rate is shocking, “said mark Parkinson, President and CEO, American public health Association. He said that the mortality rate may exceed 15 percent, was in China for people aged 80 years and over who were infected.

According to him, the problem of the virus “is one of the most significant, if not the most significant” problems that has ever faced the healthcare industry.

Industry representatives stated that they recommend that the nursing homes were allowed to enter the people only if necessary.

Employees, contractors and government officials must ask the question: “You need to be in the building to work?” said Dr. David Gifford, chief medical officer public health Association.

With regard to family members, he said,”We recommend you not to visit them“.

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