On rotary horns in South Africa (part 1) – JWW DVD no 47

The rotary horn antelope exert a special fascination on rave Africa-hunter. In South Africa, Eland, Kudu, Nyala and bushbuck make a Slam out of four of the nine on the continent, occurring rotary horns.

Each of these antelope promises to be a challenging and exciting hunt, which must always be on the habitats of hunted game species to a vote.

In part 1 of our JWW-DVD join JWW-editor Falk core, Eland and Nyala in one of the largest periods of drought, the country has experienced in over a hundred years. Under the leadership of Hunting Worldwide Magazine professional hunter Vies Steyn leads the way with the hunting friends from the North West province into the Limpopo province. With stalk you and you can experience first-hand the hunt for the elusive antelope, assistance to a land owner with a Zebra-Overpopulation, hunting down the Clowns of the plain games, the Weißschwanzgnus and the memory of a previous Big Game hunting.

Runtime: 60 Minutes

Price: 29,90 €

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