Parades for St. Patrick’s Day cancelled due to coronavirus

The parade on St. Patrick's Day, canceled, terminated the trip, and even beaches require social distancing due to the coronavirus....

Bus service in Detroit was stopped after drivers-fearing for their safety, refused to leave their garages. In “Outer banks” of North Carolina, some officials have said they will establish checkpoints to divert visitors. But Florida went to the beach ban groups of more than 10 people after this week during spring break on the beaches of the Gulf coast appeared the first photos in social networks.

On Tuesday the spread of the coronavirus continued to destroy life in America as big and small ways, as the number of confirmed cases continued to rise. The total number exceeded 5000, because the testing, which was initially limited, has expanded, according to the database of the New York Times which keeps track of every identified case in the country. At least 95 people were killed.

A popular parade on the St. Patrick’s Day, in new York and Boston were cancelled, as in Dublin, where people were asked to celebrate this day on the Internet using the hashtag #StPatricksDayTogether. Many bars and pubs in the United States were closed before the holiday, closing them at a time that is traditionally one of the busiest days of the year.

In Northern California, residents of the seven counties has started a new isolated life in accordance with the “shelter in place”, which came into force on Tuesday, keeping them at home, with the exception of the main reasons for going outside, including the purchase of food and pet care, which is one of the most restrictive measures in the country.

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