PD009 : Paying the Physical Price with Layne Bangerter

Layne BangerterI had the opportunity to talk with Layne Bangerter at this year’s World Coyote Calling Championships in Elko, NV. Layne and his son Wil Bangerter have excelled in coyote calling contests and this year at the World Contest was no different. They took second place with 13 coyotes. This was the same number of coyotes they took last year where they placed third. Layne has also won the Northwest National Coyote Calling Championships threetimes and won the Idaho State Contest twice. Layne is no stranger to coyotes as he spent years as a government trapper in the Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming areas. He also has a knack for gunning coyotes from an airplane as he spent a number of years as an aerial gunner. Layne shares his knowledge and tips and tricks on how to hunt the wonderful animal we call the coyote.

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