Pearl iZumi EM Road N1 Running Shoe Review

Whatever kind of running you do you will always need a good pair of running shoes. The Pearl iZumi EM Road N1 running shoes will give you a very stable and cushioned platform on which to run with. The shoes have a very distinct design that adds a lot of style to the quality build. Designed for road running, your feet will certainly appreciate the cushioning provided by the soles of these shoes as you pound on the hard service.

A closer look at the Pearl iZumi EM Road N1

Design of the shoe

When it comes to the design of the shoe, you will not be disappointed when you see what Pearl iZumi EM has to offer. The company does not compromise on the quality of their products, this is clearly evident from the first time you wear the shoes. They fit extremely well around the feet, and you can feel the support they provide around the foot.

The stylish design of the shoes certainly catches the attention as soon as you see them. At a closer look you will notice just how simple and effective the design is. The sole of the shoe is made from rubber. This ensures that you have greater friction for running and on top of that flexibility and durability.

The foam midsole will absorb shock nicely and also return energy with every launch of your feet. The Pearl iZumi EM Road N1 men’s running shoe comes in two colors- electric blue and yellow (more like luminous green).

Comfort and stability

The Pearl iZumi EM Road N1 is designed to be extremely comfortable on the feet. You will feel as if you are actually walking bare feet. The foam cushioning on your bare feet will allow you extra comfort as you run, protecting your feet from shock related injuries.

The flexibility of the shoe is important when running. It allows the foot to move comfortably and enhances stability of the individual. This is why the rubber sole is very important. Not only does it make the shoe extremely flexibility but adds a bit to the stability by being very wide.

Weight of the shoe

Running with weights on the feet is a really tough activity. The lighter the shoe, the better it will be. This shoe is impossibly light- feathers might even be heavier. It is the dream pair of shoes for many a road racer. It weighs a mere 232grams (about 8 ounces). Running shoes cannot get lighter than this.

Type of running best suited for this shoe

Speed racing needs light, stable and comfortable shoes. The Pear iZumi EM Road N1 men’s running shoe is ideal for road running, treadmill and track running too. You certainly make the conditions that much better for yourself, and your performance on the running track or road race will be greatly improved with this shoe.

Last thoughts on the Pearl iZumi EM Road N1

This is a very versatile shoe and will enable you to run on many different surfaces while keeping your feet stable. They provide the comfort you need while you walk and run, and with the stylish look the Pearl iZumi EM Road N1 running shoes certainly have a lot to offer.

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