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About Phillip Dang

Michael Jackson-Style Dance Instructor

Growing up in Portland, OR, Phillip Dang developed a love of Michael Jackson’s dance style at an early age. When he saw clips of MJ’s dancing on his uncle’s television, two-year-old Phillip would imitate his moves.

Phillip’s uncle arrived in the US from Vietnam among the waves of refugees who immigrated following the Vietnam War, Phillip explains, and became a huge fan of Michael Jackson.

“Vietnamese people had never seen such an enormous star as MJ,” Phillip says, “and my uncle was one of the youngins drawn to his music.”

Phillip memorized MJ’s dance segments . . .
always trying to capture the details.

Whenever Phillip visited, his uncle played him MJ’s songs. The beat and tune of “Billie Jean,” Phillip says, “just always got to me.”

And when videos of Michael Jackson appeared on TV, Phillip’s uncle and parents encouraged him to dance.

When Phillip’s other uncle from Vietnam came to the US, he was “a crazy MJ fan” as well, Phillip says. His uncle bought Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalker” on VHS, and Phillip and his two younger siblings would watch and imitate the tape almost every weekend. Phillip memorized MJ’s dance segments throughout elementary school, always trying to capture the details.

Phillip’s dedication to mastering Michael Jackson’s moves and sharing the love of his unique dance style continued into college and beyond.

As a student at the University of Oregon, Phillip was among the originators of one of the first Michael Jackson “Thriller” flash mobs. For Halloween, Phillip created a short routine using moves from “Beat It” and “Thriller.” He and four friends performed the dance in random streets, parties, bars, and cafes, starting a longstanding tradition at UO.

Phillip moved to Southern California in 2006 to pursue dance and acting. In 2009, he earned a place as a top 20 finalist in auditions for the television show “Fakin‘ It: Michael Jackson.”

Phillip started his independent MJ Class in late 2009, after close friends suggested that he teach a class to keep MJ’slegacy alive. At the beginning of 2011, he was also hired by HYPE Studios as the new instructor of the long-running Jackson Power Hour, formerly taught by Joey Cooper.

Dancing with Phillip Dang

How to Find Classes

Phillip’s Web Site

Phillip keeps his class schedule frequently updated on his personal web site, so this is the best source for information on when and where to take a Michael Jackson dance class with him. See Contact Info box in sidebar.

Phillip’s Contact Info

On his web site, Phillip has his e-mail address, Facebook page, and more linked on the Contact page for interested dancers.

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