Phosphate-Free Detergent Leaves Dishes Dirty

Dishwasher PartsThere have been a lot of complaints on the internet – about dirty dishes!

People say that their dishes come out dirty after they run them through their dishwasher.

Clean dishes

The culprit?

The culprit is an environmentally friendly law that was passed last July in seventeen states. The law demands reduction in the use of phosphates in dish-washing detergent to just a trace.

All major producers of automatic dishwasher detergent have complied, and changed their formulas. They have reduced the amount of phosphates, an ingredient that prevents dishes from spotting in the wash cycle. Phosphates have had a harmful effect in lakes and water reservoir runoffs by stimulating growth of algae that deprive local plants and fish of oxygen.

So, what can you do?

Right now, the best that consumers can do is demand a better product without harm to the environment. Phosphates can’t be the only chemical that keeps the dishes spotless.

Dishwasher Parts

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