Pioneer4You IPV D2

Pioneer4You has not released this latest version of the IPV series, but numerous photos describe an item so compact you could be holding a garage door opener.

It is discrete, stealthy, and portable: an awesome addition to your mod collection.

Go to the Pioneer4You website and there is no information: not wattage or ohms limits, measurements, or technical specifications.

You can merely surmise from images just how small a product the D2 will be. It might even surpass the Kanger Subox as your smallest option.

Something Big out of Something Small

The biggest changes happening in the mod industry are happening to battery technology and safety chips. Batteries provide more power but they do so in smaller cylindrical packages.

Consequently, mods can get smaller while providing deceptively more energy. The IPV D2 looks set to prove as much when it comes out this summer.

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