Pioneer4You IPV3 Li 165W

I thought vapor companies were turning their backs on wattage above 100, thanks to temperature control sensors, high-purity coils, and because mods have proven themselves equal to low-ohm/moderate-watt relationships.

Vaporizers have also shown, publicly, what can happen with battery vents.

In the meantime, Pioneer4You has been developing this 165W mod. Is their iPV3 Li 165W device a sign they were not paying attention or is there still a market for 150W+ vaping equipment?

$110 Box Mod from Pioneer4You

It has not been released yet, but so far the price for an iPV3 Li 165W Box Mod looks like it will fall around the $100 to $110 mark. I am sure a few discount vendors will have it for $90 and, in time, sales will bring the price down even further.

For now, that is about what you can expect without batteries. Add two cells and a good sub-ohm tank like the Atlantis or a Troll RDA and your bundle will cost around $150.

Upgradeable Technology

Earlier P4Y iPV box mods come with this same value-added feature: their firmware can be upgraded later. When a chip with 200W capacity is released, the USB port is in place for you to plug the device into a computer and download the technology to increase your output.

You won’t have to buy an entirely new product and two 18650 batteries will still be sufficient for your needs. That port also makes it easy to recharge without removing cells. Pioneer4You has thought of everything.

Yihi Technology

That includes even more fun, functional, and practical features available from Yihi. We have seen Yihi’s intelligent technology at work many times. They make a very good product, and this time it’s the SX 330 V35L chip with temperature control.

This smart chip provides a touch sensor, 7W to 165W power range, and resistance to as little as 0.1 ohms or up to 3 ohms. When you upgrade the chip, your mod will be linked to Yihi’s SX GUI computer software.

This Yihi chip runs cool with the help of its sensor, but you can also read the screen and follow your wattage and remaining battery charge visually. Pay attention: these will give you clues as to what you can expect from your device.

If you are setting watts to 100W but the device drops to 60, you know there is an overheating problem underway. If you don’t notice what’s going on, your smart chip is on guard at all times.

Temperature control is a recent innovation which suggests that P4Y wasn’t asleep at the wheel: they deliberately released a high-watt mod knowing a temperature control feature would give it the added safety element needed to attract a cautious cloud-chasing crowd.

Other Protection

This Yihi Chip provides reverse battery protection because some people will remove batteries to charge them and, even if you don’t, they will have to come out to be replaced when they are completely spent. The chip safeguards against low voltage and high voltage, protects you from the consequences of a shorted circuit or low resistance, and lets you lock the device into a particular mode or just “off.”

Compact for Comfort

Although 105 mm is longer than some mods out there, those are probably 1-battery, 50W or 60W devices; not 165W vaporizers. 105 mm is still compact and stealthy.

Using that high-watt capacity, you really need to attach a rebuildable tank or dripping atomizer with a DIY base.

Choose high-purity nickel coils for the best flavor and performance. They don’t burn dry if your temperature is too high.

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