President trump says he was tested for coronavirus

Donald trump, a baseball cap, "USA", said that he decided to test for the coronavirus after their conference to declare a state of emergency....

At a press conference on Saturday, President trump announced that on Friday evening he was examined for coronavirus and is awaiting the results, and Vice-President Mike Pence announced the extension of the European countries ban on travel to the UK and Ireland.

The question of whether the President checked, was the speculation since the first time it turned out that a member of the Brazilian delegation, who visited Mar-a-Lago, gave a positive result. Two other people who were with the President in Mar-a-Lago, gave a positive result, and various members of Congress have isolated themselves in quarantine after talking with some of the infected people.

Donald trump, dressed in a baseball cap “USA”, said that he decided to test for the coronavirus after his press conference on Friday to declare a state of emergency in the country.

“People asked if I passed the test,” he said.

When asked when he expected to get a result, Mr. trump replied: “One or two days.”

“They’re sending him for testing to a lab,” he said.

It was unclear if you knew that Mr. Penny, who was in contact with some of the infected visitors of Mar-a-Lago, the President was checked. Responding to a reporter’s question about his own status, Mr. Pence said, “I am going to do right after this press conference in the office of the White house,” which, according to him, earlier it was informed him, that neither he nor his wife should not be tested for the coronavirus.

The white house began to check the temperature of anyone who is in close contact with Mr. trump or Pens. White house staff checked the temperature of all who came to the press conference.

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