Prison has changed my life – Montie FM’s Alistair Nelson

Prison has changed my life – Montie FM's Alistair Nelson...

Prison has changed my life – Montie FM’s Alistair Nelson

Alistair Nelson, one of the contemnors in the Montie three saga says spending nearly a month in prison has changed his life.

According to him, though they had a very good treatment from some inmates, conditions in the prisons “is nothing to write home about”.

“In fact, prison has really changed my life and everything about me. Just a month and I already feel like we’ve been there for like ages. I have learnt a lot throughout our stay in the prison and I must say that it is nothing to write home about” Alistair stated.

Alistair Nelson, presenter Salifu Maase also known as Mugabe and Godwin Ako Gunn, the famous three who were jailed four months for scandalising the court.

They had threatened to kill judges who sat on a case involving the Electoral Commission and to rape the Chief Justice, Georgina Wood, if judgement did not go the way they wanted.

They pleaded guilty for contempt and were jailed accordingly for four months but barely a month into their term, the president under Article 72 of the Constitution invoked his power of mercy and remitted the four month sentence.

Days after their release, Alistair Nelson onAccra-based radio station decided to share his experience to ensure no Ghanaian falls prey to the laws of the country.

“It is definitely not a nice experience regardless of the fact that we were treated very well by inmates. I’d wanted to throw my sandals at the judges when we went to the court that day because I knew we would be jailed but my lawyer advised me not to and when we were sentenced, and sent to the prison, my life changed completely” he stressed.

The political commentator said his life has been reformed and will not even retaliate even if someone slaps him.

“I have been reformed so much that even if someone slaps me on my left cheek, I would turn the other side for the person to slap me again” he added.
However, Alistair Nelson was not happy about how they were handled by the policemen who sent them to the Nsawam prison.

“I want to personally appeal to the President to call these policemen who manhandle prisoners while transporting them to order. We really had a bad experience in their hands because they rebuked and insulted us as though we were criminals” he stated.

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