Quarantine coronavirus COVID-19 in Russia and in the world

Что такое карантин коронавируса COVID-19

The situation about the quarantine coronavirus COVID-19 in Russia and in other countries. Life after quarantine. That close? The list of countries with coronavirus quarantine....

Quarantine coronavirus — a set of measures aimed at curbing the spread of the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19. Quarantine measures taken by leaders at the highest level. Currently, over 50 countries imposed a state of emergency due to coronavirus in March 2020.

Что такое карантин коронавируса COVID-19

The contents
  1. Quarantine coronavirus in Russia and in the world
  2. What is the quarantine coronavirus?
  3. Why the need for quarantine coronavirus COVID-19
  4. List of countries with a quarantine coronavirus
  5. Whether in Russia, the quarantine of coronavirus and in what cities?
  6. That the closing on coronavirus quarantine?

Quarantine coronavirus in Russia and in the world

March 11, 2020, the world health organization announced that the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus has reached pandemic proportions. Every day the world record for about 20 thousand new cases of infection with the deadly infection. The speed of propagation of the virus COVID-19 was much higher than expected by the doctors. According to epidemiologists, only decisive action by governments will help to slow the epidemic. Completely stop the outbreak will only be the invention of vaccines and drugs.

To date, the only effective way of controlling the spread of coronavirus infection – a strict quarantine in countries with a large number of cases. Given the current situation in Russia, doctors say about expediency of introduction of quarantine in Moscow and some other major cities.

Карантин COVID 19

What is the quarantine coronavirus?

Quarantine is called a set of restrictive measures aimed at preventing transmission from person to person. Due to the fact that the virus COVID-19 is spread by airborne droplets, the main goal of quarantine measures to limit contact between people.

During the quarantine, provided such restrictions:

  • A strict ban on holding mass events. The maximum number of people in one place set by the authorities, depending on the current epidemiological situation.
  • The cessation of all entertainment and sports facilities – museums, theatres, cinemas, children’s centers, exhibition halls, night clubs, concert halls;
  • The limitation or complete cessation of passenger service between the cities. The introduction of this measure for rail, road and air transport.
  • The closure of borders between States. The ban on entry and exit from the country can relate to all citizens or certain categories of people.
  • A temporary cessation of work of educational institutions – schools, high schools, colleges, universities, etc. At the modern level of development of technologies in the educational process can be carried out in a remote format.
  • The transition to remote work of all agencies that do not require physical presence of employees. Critical facilities continue operating in normal mode.
  • Bringing all medical services in high alert. This mode is intended to increase preventive measures, the preparation of additional beds in the hospital, the purchase of necessary medical equipment, medicines and vehicles.
  • Advice to citizens not to leave their homes without an urgent need. The exceptions are the people going to work in a medical facility, a pharmacy and a grocery store. If wearing medical masks and distancing between people on the streets and in public areas. In special cases, is introduced the rule of “one meter” in which people do not approach each other closer than a distance of 1 meter.
  • Regular measurement of body temperature and medical examinations of employees of enterprises continuing work in conditions of quarantine.

These measures may be introduced selectively or all at the same time. It depends on the epidemiological situation in the country. Sometimes quarantine is not introduced throughout the state, but only in certain regions. Fail to observe these regulations provide for penalties, administrative and even criminal liability.

In order to facilitate the citizens of the quarantine period, the authorities can impose a temporary prohibition on the accrual of penalties for failure to pay utility bills, loans, mortgage loans. May also be paid temporary financial assistance to the least socially protected categories of citizens. For doctors and emergency services involved in the fight against the epidemic, may provide additional compensation and incentives.

Для чего нужен карантин коронавируса COVID-19

Why the need for quarantine coronavirus COVID-19

According to most scientists, the introduction of strict quarantine in countries with a large number of cases of coronavirus – effective measure. Home quarantine and social distancing of citizens will allow to minimize contacts between people and to reduce the risk of infection. Before the invention of vaccines and drugs against COVID-19 – this is the only way to combat the spread of the virus.

In addition to stringent quarantine measures, prevention of coronavirus infection requires compliance with the rules of personal hygiene:

  • washing your hands often;
  • treatment of surfaces with antiseptic solutions;
  • waiver of hugs and handshakes at the meeting;
  • use of personal utensils, towels, linens;
  • maintenance of cleanliness in the room.

Epidemiologists at Imperial College in London conducted a study which resulted in the introduction of strict quarantine is recognized as the most effective strategies for curbing the epidemic.

Список стран с карантином коронавируса

List of countries with a quarantine coronavirus

Daily increasing list of countries which have declared a quarantine and closed its borders to foreigners in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. To date, the restrictive measures came more than 50 countries.

Completely closed its borders to foreigners the following countries:

  • Tunisia;
  • Montenegro;
  • Estonia;
  • Portugal;
  • Georgia;
  • Spain;
  • Ukraine;
  • Italy;
  • Columbia;
  • Of Moldova;
  • Of Uzbekistan;
  • Jordan;
  • Oman;
  • Israel;
  • UAE;
  • Serbia;
  • Cyprus;
  • Greece;
  • Of Kazakhstan;
  • Ecuador;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Australia;
  • New Zealand;
  • Canada;
  • Kenya;
  • Malaysia.

A number of countries have imposed partial restrictions on entry for foreign nationals. For example, Norway and France established a mandatory fourteen day quarantine for all visitors.

A state of emergency has already been introduced in many countries of Europe and Asia. To date, the most stringent rules and penalties for non-compliance envisaged in Italy, Spain and France. For example, the inhabitants of Italy and France to leave the house, you must fill out a special form. This is necessary to inform the authorities about the reasons for the violation of the quarantine. For failure to comply with this rule, citizens of these countries face criminal liability.

In Spain, the violation of the quarantine could lead to serious financial costs. The government has set a fine of 100 to 30 thousand euros. Violators also could face imprisonment from three months to one year.

Карантин из-за коронавируса в России - будет?

Whether in Russia, the quarantine of coronavirus and in what cities?

At the moment in Russia are not imposed full quarantine or the state of emergency. The country already has a number of restrictive measures in the framework of the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection. Such measures include the following restrictions:

  • Until may 1, Russia closes its borders to foreigners. The ban will not affect diplomats and citizens of foreign countries who permanently reside on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • March 23, all schools in the country closed in connection with the quarantine. This measure is intended to protect from infecting the children.
  • Citizens advised not to leave home unnecessarily, however, the official ban on walking there.

Карантин после коронавируса

Experts remind that the decision on quarantine regional events hosted by local authorities. For example, in Moscow from March 5 to the decree of the mayor Sergey Sobyanin at the mandatory 14-day quarantine send all citizens who have arrived to Moscow from countries with unfavourable epidemiological situation. The list of these countries includes 7 States:

  • Iran;
  • China;
  • South Korea;
  • Germany;
  • Italy;
  • France;
  • Spain.

These people must be isolated at the place of residence and within two weeks be under the control of physicians. When any symptoms of SARS they will immediately seek medical assistance. Still unresolved is the question with the closest relatives of those who are quarantined. While staying in the same apartment with the isolated person, they continue to go to work and to visit other crowded places. However, they can also be a source of infection.

Medical care for all persons with suspected coronavirus infection is free of charge. The universal introduction of quarantine on the entire territory of the Russian Federation is not considered. However, this issue is being discussed in some regions, including:

  • Moscow and Moscow oblast;
  • Saint Petersburg and Leningrad oblast;
  • Novosibirsk;
  • Sverdlovsk oblast.

In many regions created operational headquarters for the continuous monitoring of the situation and making quick decisions.

Что закрывают на коронавирусный карантин

That the closing on coronavirus quarantine?

If a large-scale quarantine would be enforced on the territory of Russia, the work will temporarily cease:

  • educational institutions, including Universities;
  • shopping centers;
  • cafes, restaurants, canteens;
  • cultural institutions;
  • entertainment;
  • sports facilities;
  • hotels and establishments of sanatorium-resort treatment.

Карантин коронавируса COVID-19 в России и в мире

Hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, banks and organisations that provide public services will continue to work even in strict quarantine.

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