QUEENDomination Intensive Workshop with Andye J

Ladies, uncover your inner "QUEENDom"! Andye J launches her QUEENDomination female dancers' self-empowerment workshop December 7, 2013....

Nov 8, 2013

Registration is now open for Andye J’s new intensive workshop exclusively for female dancers, QUEENDomination. This self-empowerment workshop, which Andye J describes as “a place to uplift the female spirit,” will be held 2-5 PM on December 7, 2013, at the Movement Lifestyle Studio in North Hollywood.

QUEENDomination will use dance, literature, and self-awareness exercises—along with pointers from prominent female dancers in the industry—to help workshop participants uncover their inner QUEENDom. Oriented toward women in L.A.’s highly competitive dance industry, the workshop is appropriate for not only veteran dancers, but dancers new to L.A., dancers visiting L.A. temporarily, and women in transition to or from their professional dance careers.

QUEENDomination will start with a 30-minute introductory session, conducted by Andye J, before moving into a 90-minute dance workshop where dancers will receive specific critiques. The final hour will include self-awareness exercises, a seminar and Q&A session with top female industry professionals, and final wrap-up. Attendees will receive one-on-one dancer and QUEENDom tips from Andye J during the workshop, and each participant will leave with a customized QUEENDomination notebook.

The cost of the three-hour QUEENDomination intensive workshop is $40. Spaces are limited, so dancers are encouraged to register early for QUEENDomination via Andye J’s web site.

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