Refrigerator Spring Cleaning

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Spring is officially here, so many of us are starting with spring cleaning and trying to set our house in order.

Don’t forget to clean your home appliances, especially your refrigerator.

A lot of dust has accumulated under the refrigerator coils during the close winter months. Cleaning up the dust and doing good maintenance on your refrigerator is good for your appliance, your budget and the environemnt in general. Your appliance will last much longer and will run at its top capacity, saving energy in the long run.

Tips on cleaning your refrigerator this spring:

The first thing to do is pull your refrigerator away from the wall. How?

Most refrigerators, built in the past fifteen years, have been built on rollers. Before moving the unit from the wall, it is a good idea to retract the front leveling legs. To make sure the refrigerator is lighter, and that nothing is spilled or broken, empty the appliance. 
Floor protector for appliance moving

Floor protector for appliance moving

Grasp the unit near the bottom, pull it straight out, and be careful not to scratch your floor. Experts recommend an easy accessory for this task, the Easy Glide Tracks, to make this process easier and your floor safe from damage.

Refrigerator Drawer & Shelf Components

Refrigerator Drawer Components

Now is also a good time to replace broken, sagging or worn shelves and drawers in your refrigerator or freezer.

To order drawers or shelfs for your particular refrigerator unit, you will need the model number of your refrigerator.
Refrigerator Shelf and Related Components Parts

Refrigerator Shelf and Related Components Parts

How can you prevent your shelves and refrigerator brackets from breaking in the future? Don’t overload your unit, slam the door too strongly or force the shelves in place.  Also, try not to place too many food items on the shelves.

Refrigerator condenser cleaning coil brush

Refrigerator condenser cleaning coil brush

At least once a year, you should clean the condenser coils located under your refrigerator. This will allow your refrigerator to work at its best energy efficiency.

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