ResMed S9 H5i Heated Humidifier

ResMed S9 H5i Heated Humidifier

ResMed S9 H5i heated Humidifier is exclusive to the ResMed S9 Cpap Machine Series.This device ensures that the moisture level in the air that you breathe is kept constant despite any changes in weather or the temperature of your room. Its heater plates supply constant heat to maintain your set humidity levels.Previous ResMed humidifiers deliver only the pre-configured level of heat, but the H5i au...

ResMed S9 H5i heated Humidifier isexclusive to theResMed S9 Cpap Machine Series.

This device ensures that themoisture level in the air that you breathe is kept constant despite any changesin weather or the temperature of your room. Its heater plates supply constantheat to maintain your set humidity levels.

PreviousResMed humidifiersdeliver only the pre-configured level of heat,but the H5i auto adjusts itself and gauges if the air is already humid and willnot come on if humidification is not needed.

Your H5i could be working justfine even if it does not appear to be doing anything at all.

Features of the ResMed S9 H5i heated Humidifier

  • Lid with Fliptop design- convenient anduser-friendly. 
  • Compact design- Appears like your alarm clock orradio set by your bed and can easily packed for travel.
  • LED light indicator: It has a blue and orangecolor light to indicate cool (blue) or hot (orange) state of the heater plate
  • Seamless integrated unit- seamlessly clicks intoplace with the ResMed S9 Series and does not require additional power cords orcables.
  • 385 ml capacity- High volume, high efficiencyhumidification in a compact unit.
  • Has cleanable (open-able) or standard (cannot beopened) water tub chambers.
  • Works better with the S9 Climateline Tubing.
  • Onboard Intelligence–This humidifier unit continuallysenses the ambient temperature and humidity levels of the air in your bedroomand adjusts it accordingly to prevent too much or less humidification duringtherapy.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Free Shipping with United States

ResMed S9 H5i heated Humidifier: What’s so special?

The amount of humidity in yourenvironment changes from day to day and place to place. Just as you set thethermostat of your home, you will need to change the temperature setting orhumidity levels of yourCpapdeviceas atmospheric conditions fluctuate.

MostCPAP Machineshave humidification thatsupplies moisture to the air that you breathe. Humidifying the air supplied helpsprevent dryness of throat and nose and other effects that are often felt afterCpap therapy.

Humidifiers have a heating plate that continuesto heat the water chamber. This how moist air is generated.

The ResMed H5i Humidifier however,operates differently. It detects the air temperature and the humidity level ofyour surroundings and automatically adjusts the air temperature and thehumidity level settings of the air supplied to your mask.

ResMed created this adaptivefeature because too much humidification may cause water droplets in your tube (rainout)and too little humidification may cause the air in your tube to be too dry andhot.

Automatic humidification preventsrainout and delivers maximum comfort by constantly checking the roomtemperature and humidity level and auto adjusting.

The H5i humidifier willautomatically turn on and off as needed. If the temperature or the humidity inyour room is already at or above the humidity setting, the humidifier may not comeon.

The settings and the surroundingenvironment will also determine the amount of water used.

ResMed S9 H5i heated Humidifier Manual Mode Setting

The ResMed S9 H5i heated Humidifier can beused manually or automated. In manual mode, your settings remain the same andthe humidifier does not automatically adjust its output to suit theenvironment.

Manual Settings

After you connect the H5i to YourS9, connect the end of the tubing (with the Climateline written on it) to the mask.

Remove the rubber casing at theback of humidifier so you can see the orange connector and attach the climateline hose by twisting it until it clicks into place.

In manual mode, you will see a dropof water and thermometer icons displayed separately unlike when it is set onauto and displayed side by side.

To change the humidity level,turn the dial on the S9 until the water drop icon is displayed, click the dialand the background screen color will turn yellow.

Now turn the dial to choose yourhumidity setting. The humidity setting ranges from 6 to 1, with 1 being thelowest and 6 the highest. Humidity levels can be adjusted by a 0.5 stepincrease.

When you are not sure whathumidity level to go on, start from 3 and go on from there. Once you haveselected a number click the dial again and the setting is saved.

To change the temperature, turnyour dial until the thermometer icon appears on the screen. Click the dial onceand the background screen color will change to yellow. Then turn the dial toselect the temperature you want. It ranges from 60 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

In manual mode, rainout or drythroat effects can be eliminated by continually adjusting the humidity settings.Remember that Rainout or dry air cannothappen when your Unit is set on auto, as the ResMed H5i Humidifier senses andadjusts both humidity and temperature levels automatically thus preventing sucheffects during therapy.

How to use Climateline Tubing with your ResMed S9 H5i heated Humidifier

ResMedCPAP Machinesare sold with Slimline Tubing, but if you have a Humidifierwith your ResMed S9 CPAP Machine it is better to go for Climateline Tubing.

Climateline tubinghas heated wiresembedded within that help the breathing tube maintain the same temperature inair the supplied for breathing. This helps to avoid cooling that can occur inthe tube also known as cause Condensation.

After connecting your ResMed S9 H5i heated Humidifier tightly to your ResMed S9 Series CPAP Machine (Either Auto, Elite orEscape), connect the other end to your breathing mask.

Remove the rubber case cover fromthe back of your humidifier and insert the tubing by twisting it into placeuntil it clicks. When it clicks in, climate control enabled icon will appear onthe screen.

To adjust your temperaturesettings, turn your dial down to the water drop/thermometer icon until thewater drop/thermometer icon is enlarged on the screen. Click the dial and turnit to select your temperature settings.

Once your temperature is set,push the dial again to save the new temperature setting.

The ResMed S9 H5i heated Humidifier will thendetermine what humidity is required at that set temperature and will autoadjust itself to provide humidity at maximum comfort.

In time the screen and lightindicators on the S9 and the H5i will go off so that you can enjoy acomfortable night sleep.

To get the screen light back on,turn the dial to any direction.

The ResMed S9 H5i heated Humidifier Chamber

The H5i Humidifier Chambercontains a water tub, the heater plate and the LED light indicator. The heaterplate heats up the water in the tub and generates moist air.

This moist output is maintainedduring therapy. To change the level of moist air generated you can adjust yourtemperature settings (humidity levels).

The water level in the water tub willvary from night to night. There are times that the water level won’t change.

This occurs when the room ishumid enough, so the H5i humidifier unit does not really heat up because it isnot necessary for it to do so.

The water in the tub should bedisposed each night whether the level reduces or not.

The water chamber or tub of your resmed s9 h5i heated humidifier can either be standardwater chamber or cleanable water chamber.

Thestandard water chambercan not be opened up to wash or clean, they are usually replace after every 6 months.

Butthecleanable water chambercan be opened up for washing and cleaning. unlike the standard water chamber that can not be opened up to wash or clean.

Please do not use tap water withyour Humidifier because of mineral deposit from tap water. To ensure thedurability of your water chamber, always use distilled water as this wouldincrease the life span on the humidifier.

How the H5i Heater Plate Thermostat Works

During therapy, the heated platewill turn on and off. Like your Air conditioner thermostat, it will decreaseand increase the temperature depending on the actual conditions in your room,via its temperature sensor software.

The heater plate thermostatregulates the heat supply by turning off when the heat is enough and turning onwhen heat is needed.

Opening the ResMed S9 H5i heated Humidifier to check if the Heater Plate is Working Fine

The H5i has a special humidityand temperature sensor that adapts the moisture it generates to yourenvironment or climate.

If the device senses that the airsupplied to you through the Climateline tubing is already at the requiredhumidity level, it will not turn on at all. Sometimes this happen for days andyou could think that heater plate is not working properly.

If you need to confirm that theheater plate has not been damaged, there is a simple way to check.

Remember, the pre-warmingfeature? That is a simple way to confirm that the hot plate is working fine.

To start pre-warming mode, makesure that your Humidifier is connected properly to your S9 series CPAP machine.

The LED light indicator will beblue colored when you turn on your CPAP Unit. Blue means that it is safe toopen the water chamber. Please do not open it when the light in the chamber isorange colored.

Open the water chamber by sliding thelatch beside the humidifier unit and carefully remove the water tub from thehumidifier chamber, such that you do not spill the water.

Turn your dial down to the watericon and press down the dial for about 3 seconds, to activate warm-up mode.You will know when it is on when warm up icon changes to a tube bar showing warming up.

Theblue LED light will turn to orange after about 5 seconds. The LED Light color changeindicates that the hot plate is heating up.

It may take some time to completewarming up depending on your room temperature and how long you have used thedevice.

After a while, place one of yourhand five inches above the heater plate of the humidifier, you should safelyfeel the warmth raising. This shows that nothing is wrong with the heating ofyour hot plate.


  • Auto adjusts the humidity and temperature levelto prevent rainout and dry throat.
  • The H5i Humidifier and S9 series CPAP gives anarrow message signal to show that a side has come up higher than the otherside.


  • You cannot see the water level at night, unlessyou open it.
  • ResMed S9 H5i heated Humidifier cannot be used with any otherCPAP or Other ResMed Series. Exclusive to ResMed CPAP Machine S9 series.
  • The H5i Humidifier separates easily from the S9CPAP Machine.
  • Some people claim that the ResMed S9 H5i Humidifier is noisy but that is not a personal experience.

Final Verdict

ResMed S9 H5i heated Humidifier is aseamless unit. If you do not want to always adjust the humidifier, the Auto settingwould be best, as the device would automatically do the adjustment for you.

Most people prefer it on autothan on manual, to save the stress of frequent manual adjustment.


ResMed H5i Heated CPAP Humidifier for the S9 Series – $244.00
Retail Price: $254.00
You Save: $10.00

ResMed S9 H5i Heated Humidifier

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