Restoration of the borders of coronavirus caused chaos in Europe

About 1,000 soldiers would be deployed to maintain peace and order on the borders of the ensuing chaos and unrest due to the coronavirus....

Hastily restored the border checkpoints caused chaos across Europe as countries increase limitations on entry and limit movement.

The European Union announced Tuesday about the decision to impose a 30 day restriction on nonessential travel to their territory, and at least 12 countries regained the border-crossing points, stopping the flow of people and goods.

Citizens of Romania and Bulgaria, trying to return home from Austria via Hungary, was denied entry to Hungary on Tuesday, the day after Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that his country will close its borders for non Hungarians.

Some travelers staged a protest on the highway, causing a traffic jam stretches for about 13 miles. Authorities later announced that they will allow single passage of the Romanians and Bulgarians through Hungary through the “humanitarian corridor”.

Poland, which has suspended all international air and rail transport and was denied entry on Sunday to all but Polish citizens and legal residents, also tried to deal with the chaos.

On Wednesday, thousands of travelers were stuck in queues stretching for dozens of miles around the points of entry to Poland, and many were forced to wait up to 30 hours without access to food or water. According to officials, the waiting time for thousands of truckers, especially on the Polish-Belarusian border, maybe even more, which will delay the transport of goods in Poland.

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