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Riohs OriginateFashion Design School


RIOHS ORIGINATE was founded in 2010 by Richard Ohene Sika- afashiondesigner, singer, poet and talentsmanager, with Sarah Huang afashion designerare the driving forces behind numerous citizen-centered educational initiatives.

Richard’s original vision was to offer the general public the chance to take high quality arts courses by distance learning, without prior qualifications or restrictions. He saw Riohs as a means of transforming people’s lives, giving them the opportunity and skills to express their creative talents under the guidance of professional artists. We still live by those values. By our mission, we deliver a totally integrated Creative Design service/training inspired by our ground-breaking creative ideas which will help achieve excellent results from our students.
We try to instill in our students character building so they grow into confident courageous team players and positively provocative thinkers.

Today Riohs Originate is a thriving creativity enhancement institution whose charitable purpose is to widen participation in artseducation. Countless students each year now study creative and visual arts by open learning with us. Riohs strategy is determined by excellent directors of operations. Our head office and training atelier is located on the Blohom Street of Dzorwulu,Accrawhere all of our tutors are ever present to aid our students.


At Riohs we are specialists in creative arts service andeducation. We have a thriving community of students studying an inspiring range of subjects including fashion design, concept development, fashion illustration,graphic design, music and dance, comedy and painting, poetry and millinery.We provide services and training for individuals/organizations that value their image, style, colour and insist on promptness, accuracy and consistency.

All our courses are delivered through part-time open learning with the support of experienced tutors who are also practicing artists, writers, photographers, visual communicators or musicians. Our flexible recruitment approach means you can start studying with Riohs straightaway. Our enrolment dates are twice a year January and June spanning over a six month period, so you can fit your studies around your life.

A real bonus is that our fees are about a third of those charged by traditional universities. What’s more, you can study with us whilst carrying on with existing commitments such as part-time employment, or family/career responsibilities. You can pay fees as you go or in double installments.

You can enroll online at any time. If you have any questions and want to talk to one of our advice team about any aspect of studying with us, just give us a call: 0302760535  OR 0248323669


At RIOHS, we offer a 6 months training course in fashion design and fashion illustration. This is followed by a 3 month internship with RIOHS after which graduants will be awarded merit based certificates to seal the course completion.

Weekday Class Schedule
Mondays to Thursday 
9.00am – 1.00pm
1 Hour Lecture
3 Hours Practical

Evening Class Schedule
Mondays to Thursday 
6:30pm – 9:00pm
30 minutes Lecture
2 Hours Practical

Weekend Class Schedule
Saturdays only
9.00am – 5.00pm
2 Hours Lectures
6 Hours Practical

  • Picture Making
  • Millinery
  • Poetry
  • Music and dance
  • Concept Development
  • Graphic Design

Admission is open to all students who in the school’s opinion will benefit from a challenging, self-absorbing, intriguing, yet very participatory training. Riohs therefore will admit only students whose technical, personal, social as well as emotional needs can be met by the institute’s program outline. Prospective students must be ready for new challenges and be just as willing to be at their creative best at all periods.


The institutes admissions and procedure will be published widely and made readily available to all prospective students.


Tuition (Weekend): Gh¢ 2000.
Tuition (Weekday): Gh¢ 2000.

Payment can be made in two installments.
Gh¢ 1600(80%) at the beginning of the course with the remainder being paid at the beginning of the 2nd month prompt.


Phone number: 0302760535 OR 0248323669
Location: Blohom Street, Dzorwulu, Accra
Behind Ashfoam or Zooba shop

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