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Who else makes a drip tip that can sell for $28 besides RJ Mods? There aren’t many other manufacturers who can pull that off. Smoke-E Mountain is one. There are a few others.

The thing is, once you have purchased something as formidable as an authentic mechanical modifiable cigarette, it would look cheesy to top it with anything less than an equally formidable tank and drip tip. Besides, at RJ Mods, the drip tips match their devices.

RJ Mods Retail

You need to realize that RJ Mods does not sell their products from a website. Visit them at their Facebook page if you want to know more about the company and what’s going on with them, but when it comes to buying their stuff, general e cig vendors are where it’s at.

I say general, but that’s not entirely true. You have to be choosy about where you shop. Several vendors carry just clones of mechanical mods to satisfy an audience of advanced vapers on a limited budget.

Many other vendors who carry authentic mods have a deal worked out with different manufacturers like Vicious Ant et al. You will have to seek out dealers authorized to carry RJ Mods. That’s another reason to visit Facebook. There could be a blurb in there about which firms are carrying RJ Mods products so you can find the authorized dealers and be sure of receiving a genuine product.

RJ Mods Review

You will be in search of the Turtleship, CATS, Zodiac, and Guardian Gods devices. Some of these are mod tubes; others are accessories. They don’t all fit together, as you will see.

The Turtleship

This is an elegant device inspired by the Korean Turtleship Fleet and is onto version 3 at last count. The Turtleship costs about $180 in brass and stainless steel. Its 22-mm diameter width marks it as a standard-sized unit to fit with 22-mm RDAs, RBAs, and tanks of appropriate threading. Extension tubes allow the user to install batteries from a small 18350 to the weighty and long 18650. You decide by how comfortable you are holding a giant e cig. Changing these batteries gives you varying levels of power and also varying lengths of e cig. The top cap keeps your battery in place.

The entire Turtleship device has been upgraded from top cap to internals. It features a floating top pin to accommodate those varied battery sizes which are sold separately. As you might be aware, batteries, tanks, and drip tips are sold separately. If you didn’t know this, I hope you were sitting down. Mechanical Mods are for serious vapers only and preferred over APVs for the challenge they pose. You can’t just press a button and make the device do what you want. You have to find other ways of manipulating the temperature and are best served by a thorough understanding of the way mechanical cigarettes work.

Take a close look at pictures of the Turtleship before you go shopping for one. Many clones have been produced of this mechanical-mod supermodel. Individuals who love the look and performance of this unit but do not much care for the price will be glad to know this, especially if the mod in question is described as a clone and not sold as the genuine thing for a ludicrously low price (like $60 or $70). Unfortunately, not all clones are thus identified. Ensure your purchase is accompanied by an official serial number and that its authenticity can be verified.

Guardian Gods

Engravings on the Guardian Gods show 4 guardian gods animals. It is telescopic for use with 26500 and 26650 batteries to fit its extraordinary 30.5-mm width. It has to be big: this is a guardian. Made from SUS316 and brass, the Guardian Gods is polished, laser-engraved, and features slided brass contacts. You pay about $220.


This is an RDA: a rebuidable drip atomizer for those who like to drip a few drops of vegetable glycerin-heavy e juice at a time. It will fit a 22-mm mod like the Turtleship, has 2 caps, and features 4 air holes. The exquisite engraving is of an oriental-style cat.

Zodiac Drip Tips and Mods

Select your animal sign and buy a drip tip for $28 to go with a mod of the same variety. Obviously there are twelve of them and they sell out really quick. Zodiac Mods going for $220 can accept 18350/18500/18650 batteries and come with tubes to fit all them. There are solid brass pins and a solid brass spring. This is an excellent product: highly rated and truly stunning.

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