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Wheeled backpacks are a great way of keeping your things organized and secured when traveling. They can eliminate the stress of lugging your bag around while on the go....

Backpacks are a great way of keeping your things organized and secured when moving from place to place. They usually are the number one choice in bags for those in school, and are becoming more popular among business professionals and those who travel. Sometimes when you have a heavy load to handle, backpacks can be stressful to carry around on your back. It is with this concern in mind that manufacturers have come up with this particular design to make them easier to transport around.  The best rolling backpacks can be transported on your back or pulled along using the wheels they come with.

If you visit any airport today, you will most likely see many people using this type of bag. Yes, they are now very popular, not because they are cheap, but due to their value, convenience, durability, comfort, and accessibility. A wheeled model is a must-have for virtually all types of travelers. Whether you are a globe trotter or you only travel once in a while on vacation, you should use one of these models.


Below Are Some Of The Best Models Available


high sierra feeHigh Sierra Free Wheeled4.7
jansport 8 seriesJanSports Rolling Drive 84.5
j world new yorkJ World New York Sunrise4.4
olympiaOlympia 19 Inch Wheeled4.5
rocklandRockland 17 Inch4.3



High Sierra Free Wheeled


high sierra fee









This High Sierra model is one of the best rolling backpacks for adults available. The big multi compartment design makes it convenient for those who need the extra space while on the go. Included is an internal computer sleeve designed to fit most laptops up 17 inches in size. The sleeve is completely padded and cushioned so it should serve well for someone needing agood laptop backpackprotected while you go about your day to day activities. This model has it’s wheels mounted on the corners of the bag to make sure that is rolls as smoothly as possibly. It also has reflective material on the outside to help with your safety at night while handling it. This would be one of the best wheeled under seat carry on luggage options for travel.

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JanSports Rolling Backpack Drive 8 Core Series

jansport 8 series







This small carry on with wheels model is a great bag to choose because it can double as a laptop bag and wheeled luggage all in one device. The padded shoulder straps can easily be tucked away when you are using it as a wheeled device. This bag is equipped with large side mounted wheels that have good traction and stability to insure of smooth movement while traveling with it. For your added convenience, this model includes an internal padded sleeve that can handle a laptop computer up to 15 inches. To make students life easier, it could be used as an rolling book bag or kids rolling backpack.

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J World New York Sunrise



j world new york







Traveling should not be a hassle, and it isn’t if you have the correct equipment. This bag helps with the inconvenience that constant travel sometimes brings. This champion luggage weighs in at a light 4.2 pounds. Fill the spacious main compartments with all clothing needed and place smaller things in the organized pocket on the front, complete with pen and pencil holders, smaller mesh pockets, and a key fob, keeping keys sorted with a simple clip. The side mesh pockets are perfect for snacks and water bottles. It sports physically balanced wheels for noise-free rolling with stabilized motion. This cute rolling backpack is also available in an abundant of colors and designs, so picking one that fits your taste should not be an issue.

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Olympia 19 Inch Wheeled









This 19 inch bag from Olympia offers over sized corner cut wheels to ensure of a smooth gliding motion. An added featured is a top grip handle for easy grab and go motion. This bag is equipped with a easy push button mono telescopic handle for added convince while traveling. The much needed padded shoulder straps comes in handy when needing to pick that bag up and carry on your back. In my opinion, this is one of the best rolling backpacks for travel that you could choose.

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Rockland 17 Inch










This rolling bag is a slick approach to keep your essentials sorted out and transported in style. The dimension of this bag is 17 X 13 X 10 which should be large enough to handle whatever you need to carry around. This model is equipped with double skate wheels for  smooth rolling. It has a spacious zippered primary compartment with an extensive opening, 2 zippered pockets on the front with a very much needed side pockets to keep smaller items close and secure, and a strong plastic stand on the base to keep it steady and upright.

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What To Look For In A Rolling Model


Given these benefits, one would easily opt for a small wheeled luggage over a conventional model. There are several things to look for when in the process of purchasing one. With so many options available on the market, it would be wise to consider all of your options. The following are what you should look for when purchasing a wheeled pack.

Size is an inevitable need when buying a bag. Choosing one that is easy and convenient to handle and does not strain your shoulders and back much while handling it would be a wise move. You will need one that is large enough to accommodate whatever you plan on using it for, while still being compact enough to carry it around without being too much of a hassle. You will often seebusiness people who need a reliable backpackchoose this design.

Most rolling backpacks have an amazing compact design. But they have enough space to contain all the items you will need on a typical trip. It does not matter whether you will be spending a week for a short vacation or you intend to take a month off and take a tour of your favorite travel destination, you can rely on a wheeled pack. The design of the wheeled backpack is also more elegant and attractive than the ordinary travel or school backpack. So you won’t feel out of place when you stepping into a nice hotel wheeling your bag along.

Have you ever gone out or traveled with a backpack only to discover that you couldn’t find an important item, ID, key, piece of jewelry or even your credit card? It must have been a frustrating experience. In such situations, you would need to pour out all your things before you find what you want. Well, the good news is: the rolling backpack takes care of this problem. It has several segments and partitions within and without to help you get organized. After you open the main zipper, you can locate your items within a few seconds.

College students often need a large rolling backpackto carry their books and laptop, along with any other personal items that they need on a daily basis. Using a rolling backpack for school would help a student transport their equipment a lot easier. They also come in handy when flying because they are smaller than most luggage and can be used as an carry on item.


Wheeled Backpacks Are Made For Convenience

Rolling backpacks have wheels that you can use to move your luggage around with considerable ease. Together with the long vertical handle, these wheels form a trolley that moves your luggage and takes the strain off your back. Rather than lugging your standard travel backpack on your back for several hours a day, you can rely on the sturdy frame and wheels that swivel smoothly in all directions. In addition to the comfort the wheels provide, they also add elegance and style to your backpack. In fact, many on-lookers may not immediately notice that you are pulling a backpack. They may think you are holding a suitcase with wheels. There’s almost no place where your backpack’s wheels cannot serve you, except on cobblestone streets, unpaved dust roads, and on flooded streets.

The wheels on the rolling backpack are wonderful but there are times when you may not able be able to use them to pull the backpack. In such cases, you have to use the padded straps. These straps make it possible for you to hoist the bag on your back. Most well-designed wheeled backpacks have straps and intricate designs that enable you to zip-up unused space and reduce their size so they look compact. Then you can strap them to your back and buckle the waist belt while you climb up a rugged hill or mountain. However, you should only use these straps for a long time when you have few lightweight items in the bag, so you don’t develop back pain.

Traveling will put some strain on your body. So you need to do all you can to conserve your energy. That is why finding the best carry on rolling backpack is an essential tool for both occasional and regular travelers. If you are going on a tour and you intend to visit several places each day, you should invest in a durable wheeled product. Why? After about 6 hours of moving around on foot, your luggage will start to feel much heavier. At that point, if you are carrying a backpack, the strain on your back could make you feel tired and worn out. But with a wheeled pack, you will be able to pull it along and get back to your hotel or hostel without back pain.

You may not appreciate the importance of a rolling backpack until you have to wait in line at an airport terminal for several hours. If you are wearing a conventional travel backpack, you may be tempted to put it on the floor and start kicking it after some hours. But your wheeled backpack won’t even make you feel that you are carrying any heavy luggage. In addition, your rolling under seat luggage can easily fit into the carry-on space on most airplanes.



Why Material Matters When Choosing A Backpack


The material the bag is made of should also be looked at. Different fabrics can often mean different quality depending on the material the bag is made of. Wheeled models have to endure a lot of stress from being rolled by a busy individual while traveling. Bumpy sidewalks, stairs, streets and even grass have different effects on the condition that your bag will be in over time.

The endurance of the device is often determined by the fabric used to make it. You need a fabric that does not tear easily, while not adding extra weight to it. You also need one that is easy to clean. Synthetic fabrics are specially designed to be durable and withstand different conditions. Therefore it is preferable to buy one made from synthetic fabrics than natural fabrics. Whether you are traveling under extremely hot or cold conditions, or you need to quickly dash out in the rain, you will be assured that all your belongings are safe and dry.

These bags are great for organizing many different things. Look for models with different sections and padding. Most of them come with front pockets. These front pockets are good for keeping small items such as pens and phones. Different rolling backpacks also have many big sections that you can use to keep larger belongings. Padding helps protect your gear from shock that could be caused by sudden movement.

Check inside the backpack for additional sections you could use to keep smaller belongings. In the inside, also check for strappings that could help you hold such items as laptops intact. With so many options available, you should be to find one that is perfect for your needs.

Most backpacks issues arise from broken zippers. When buying a wheeled backpack, you should ensure the zippers are up to par. Good zippers are solid meaning they cannot easily break after longtime use and stress of travel. You also should prefer a bag with a double zipper. Double zippers enable you to access the inside at any angle instead of fully opening the bag. Double zippers also help you in safeguarding your belongings as you can lock them together for added security.

Weather is often a wild card when traveling. You often can leave your location where it is bright and sunny, and arrive at your destination in a rain storm. To secure your belongings, you need to have a good bag that is water resistant. It would be a wise move to make sure they bag that you choose has water resistant materials built into their fabric, to prevent water and moisture from reaching your belongings. Preferably, you should opt for a bag made of synthetic material than natural material as they are most resistant to the effects of water.

Street paths and sidewalks are full of bumps and other obstructions such as rocks. You will need a device that is equipped to maneuver the bumps without destroying your belongings. Look for a model that has reinforcement gear in them. Reinforcement material includes buckles, inside compartments and nets that keep your items in place.

This style of bag can be very beneficial in eliminating the stress of carrying your belongings around on your back, while still proving the option to use it as a standard model. Reading many rolling backpack reviews would be a smart move. If you look around you should be able to find a great deal. The internet has many sites that offer the option to buy a rolling backpack. Always consider its size, style, fabric and sturdiness. All of these options should be considered before you make your final decision.

The above is just a few of the benefits you will enjoy when you use a wheeled model. It is the ideal travelers companion. With adequate storage space and multiple compartments, it can help you to stay organized throughout your trip. A wheeled backpack will enable you to move your luggage around without undue back strain. So if you are planning for your next trip, you should make sure you get one of the elegant and functional rolling backpacks


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