SAUER 404 – hunting rifle – idea + product test

Hunting rifle SAUER 404

The SAUER 404 is a modular hunting rifle, in many parts, such as front– and behind the sheep, t, Run, chamber head slightly with the SUS – SAUER Universal key to expand and, thus, convert. Moreover, 4 the deduction of the weights in the steps 550, 750, 1000 and 1250 grams. The trigger blade is pivotable and infinitely adjustable.

SUM – and-SOUR Universal mounting – Extremely flat design, extremely simple Handling.

The patented safety concept is based on the completely newly developed hand-held tension. The ergonomically perfectly on the castle placed metal slider allows not only comfortable, but also, according to loose Clamping and unclamping of the sleeve.

On Top to the hand, tension is an automatic firing pin safety, so long is not fully locked. To open the weapon in the relaxed state, it is sufficient to push the cocking slide slightly forward and unlock at the same time the chamber. So safe handling is the instinct and technology of the intelligent assistant.

The shooting performance of this rifle st very precise.

SAUER 404 in the Test, the wide-shoot in Namibia

  • ERGO LUX-shaft made of walnut-grained Wood, the wood class 2Gehäuse made of high-alloy aviation aluminum
  • Ergonomically perfect hand tension on the castle
  • Easily detachable locking head (e.g., from Standard to Magnum)
  • Double ejector for precisely horizontal ejection
  • 6-lug bolt directly in the barrel
  • Sunburst on the chamber
  • SAUER QUATTRO trigger with adjustable trigger weights: 550 g, 750 g, 1000 g and 1250 g
  • Infinitely adjustable trigger blade, adjustment of the longitudinal 8mm, swivel 5 degrees
  • In the case Universal mount (SUM), built-in OXYGEN for extremely low headroom
  • In the fore-end as a front sling swivel integrated SAUER Universal key (SUS) for adjustment of the trigger, Remove the front and rear of the shaft, Open the screws to change the Barrel
  • Magazine Safety MagLock

SAUER 404 on the hunt in Namibia

The practical Test of Long Range Shooting and hunting has passed this gun with flying colors!

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