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Saving money and energy in your home is easier than ever and takes little effort and only a bit of know how.

If you do no more than follow the advice recommended here, you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

Here we go:

  • Run your home appliances during the off-peak hours of day (or night) and you will be charged up to half of what you would spend on energy during the peak hours: the off-peak hours are between 7 P.M. and noon every day, while the most expensive time to run your appliances is 2 pm. Read more.
  • Adjust your home thermostat by lowering it a couple of degrees and you will notice big savings on your energy bill. Also, program your thermostat so it automatically lowers at night or when you are out of the house. It all adds up.
  • Replace the air filers on your furnace every few months so that the furnace can run at its most energy efficient.
  • Turn off the lights, the computer, the TV, the radio and any other appliance at night or when you are out of the house. You’ll be saving energy for yourself and everyone else!
  • If you already own Energy Star home appliances, maintain them well and fix them when they break. The landfills are overflowing. This excellent website has all the parts, information and repair help you need.

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