Sense of crisis deepens in the US infected nearly 100,000

As the influence of the coronavirus spread around the world, in the United States escalated the sense of crisis. School is closed on quarantine....

The U.S. coast guard on Thursday sent a test sets on the cruise ship quarantined off the coast of California, as the number of new cases and deaths related coronavirus in the United States, continued to grow.

California joined the list of States declaring a state of emergency. To date, 12 deaths have been associated with the virus — nearly all in the Seattle area, with 210 confirmed cases across the country. Reports of cases in new Jersey and Tennessee have led to the fact that the number of States with infected patients under 18. On Thursday, Washington had dozens of cases, and in new York for nine. San Francisco reported the first two cases, and Houston — on the first.

The world was almost 98 000 cases and more than 3,300 deaths. Global database supported by Johns Hopkins, has more than 53 600 recoveries from the virus.

Given the fact that the number of people infected in Europe has exceeded 5,000 and is growing rapidly, large conferences, exhibitions, cultural events and sports competitions have been cancelled. Officials warned that the outbreak — the largest in Italy, but France, Germany and Spain were also severely affected — will continue to grow.

Italy and Iran have ordered the closure of all schools and universities. New Delhi did the same. School closures have affected about 300 million students around the world.

The number of cases of coronavirus in the UK has risen to 115, and on Thursday, the country reported its first fatality. Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke about how the health care system, undermined by years of reductions in budget growth will try to handle the situation.

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