Setting Up With a Coyote Hunting Partner

What kind of coyote hunting partner do you have? Do you have one you just started hunting with or have you been hunting together for years? A great partner can aid tremendously in your success; whereas, a bad partner can send you home in frustration. With a good partner you can reached the point where you hardly have to say anything to each other, you just know what each other is going to do. No matter what stage you are at with your hunting partner, here are a few key points to make hunting with a partner more successful.


Make it a habit to communicate before leaving the truck so you don’t have to talk during the setup. Ask or tell each other where you plan to setup, what call sequence you plan on using, and how long you plan to stay on stand. Most importantly, discuss how each other will act when a coyote or multiple coyotes respond to the call.


Have the caller hold the shotgun in his lap with his rifle on the side for backup. Place the shooter on the downwind side of the caller at an elevated location where he can see as much as possible.

Call Placement

If using an electronic caller, place it out in-front and upwind of the one holding the remote and place the shooter downwind of the e-call and calling partner.

Be Ready

Before the caller starts calling make sure the shooter is ready. There are times when you setup right on top of a coyote, only to have it get away because the shooter wasn’t ready.

Taking the Shot

The most important benefit to a partner is killing the coyotes you call in. The shooter has the green light whenever he has a clear shot. That might even be 40 yards in-front of the caller. For multiple coyotes you have to learn to read their body language.  If possible let the shooter take the rear coyotes with the rifle and have the caller take the close ones with the shotgun.

While hunting with a partner increases your odds of killing coyotes, the thing thats great about having a partner is sharing the hunt together. Its fun to hunt coyotes, but its even better with a partner.

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