How to Connect & Setup Linksys Router to your PC

To setup Linksys Router to the computer, you need to know some necessary steps. Linksys is a company that manufactures and markets network equipment products. Actually, the parent of Linksys is Cisco. In the year 2013 Cisco sold Linksys to Belkin. Now Belkin is the company doing all the operations that are related to Linksys Routers. The targeted market for the acquired company is home and small business users. So to increase the demand, every year Linksys is coming up with new products and with modern technology. As of now, Linksys is selling Routers, Modems, USB Wireless, Powerline network adapter; Network attached storage, Network media hub, VoIP.

In this article, you will understand how to setup Linksys Router to your PC. For the first time, when I bought Linksys Router, I felt perplexed to setup Linksys Router to my computer. After multiple tries, I failed to connect it properly. At last, I called for a service to make the connection properly. Though my problem is solved, I spent around $50 to fix the Linksys Router setup problem. Later I realized that connecting the Linksys wireless router to the computer is soo simple, but you need to do it carefully. Any small improper settings may lead to product damage. To all who want to connect your new Linksys Router to PC, this article might help you. So read this tutorial carefully to avoid faults and save your money by connecting the Linksys Router to PC by yourselves.

If you are a first user of Linksys Wi-Fi device, sure you will be confused while unboxing it. Now let’s have a look what you get inside the box of router device.

  • Linksys Wireless Router
  • 12VDC Power Adapter
  • Installation Guide and Drivers CD
  • 1 Pair of Ethernet Cables
  • User Manual

Above are the general things that you will find when you open a newly purchased Linksys Router. These things will help you to setup Linksys Router to your computer without any issues. So, make sure to have all those things that come along with the boxed package.

How to Setup Linksys Router to your PC?

To access the internet, you can connect your Linksys Router to PC in two ways. One is without the modem, and the other is with a modem. For both the methods, make sure your PC is turned off.

Setup Linksys Router to Computer

  1. Take out the Router from the box.
  2. At the back of Linksys Router, you can see many ports and a power adapter point.
  3. Connect the Internet cable to the router at its assigned port.
  4. If you have Modem instead of direct internet cable, then you need to your Modem and Router using Ethernet cable.
  5. Just connect the Ethernet cable that is coming out from Modem to Router to the Internet Port.
  6. Now take another Ethernet cable and insert in any of the Ethernet Ports.
  7. Connect the other end of Ethernet port to your PC.
  8. Take power adapter and plug it into Linksys device.
  9. That’s it! Your Linksys Router is now connected to your PC.

Avoid loose contacts to make the connection perfect between the Router and the PC. If you feel everything is okay, turn on your PC and the Linksys Router simultaneously. Check the respective port lights are blinking or not. If the port light that is connected to your computer is flashing, then your Linksys Router is connected to your PC. If you have any questions on how to setup Linksys Router to the PC, please comment below.

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