Shares fall despite the suggestion of the fed – coronavirus

On Thursday, stocks again fell sharply last trump efforts to combat the coronavirus have been unable to ease investor concerns about the global economy....

On Thursday, stocks again fell sharply, as the latest effort by Mr. trump to fight an outbreak of coronavirus — a ban on entry of most Europeans in the United States — failed to ease investor concerns about the global economy.

The index recovered slightly after the Federal reserve said that it would offer banks short-term loans in the amount of not less than 1.5 trillion dollars today and tomorrow. But then the decline resumed, and the S & P 500 index fell by about 9.5 percent, while the industrial index Dow Jones has lost about 10 per cent.

Wave of sales of shares this week left the world’s major landmarks in the territory of a bear market — a term that means that the stock has fallen more than 20 percent from its highs. No significant recovery on Thursday, the S & P 500 will end.

The travel ban has hit particularly hard in Europe: major stock indexes fell more than 10 percent, and one regional landmark, suffered the worst drop.

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