Sigelei 50W VR2

If you do not know what I mean when I talk about the Sigelei 50W box mod, you will remember it by the wavy lines. There are two running parallel to each other on one side of this otherwise simple box mod. They give this mod a stylish edge.

It is such a simple addition yet so powerful in changing the way you feel about a device compared with all the others, some of which are just plain boring. Sigelei updated their 50W mod, so here is the spec on what it offers and what has changed.

Sigelei 50W VR2 VW Box Mod

As customers become more wary about variable watt power, they are starting to think carefully about whether they want a 100W+ device hanging around. Did they buy this thing simply because it was there or did they really think they needed it for cloud chasing? It turns out you do not need 100 watts or more to reach temperatures sufficient for sub ohms, great flavor, and significant cumuli.

Ohms are going down and so are watts, so now your Sigelei 50W mod version 2 is safer than ever. It contains the Yihi SX330 chip as before: a good model by the way. Temperature control is built in so your mod will not operate over a safe limit as prescribed by the makers of this chip.

Vape at the top temperature and you are able to manage 0.2 ohms of resistance. The impact this makes on your vaping if you used to operate a Sigelei Legend APV (15W maximum) or something even less powerful will be amazing.

Charge the Sigelei 50W two ways

Taking out your battery to charge is potentially convenient: that way you can replace it with a fresh one. If you are prone to losing a cell after it comes out because it’s so small, then keeping the battery inside your mod is just more sensible and less fussy. Do either: there’s a small charge port right on the case of your 50W Version 2.

Proper Venting

If your mod case isn’t vented, you should just forget about it; or don’t buy it in the first place. Venting is a necessary safety feature known to naturally cool a battery so you find it in anything with a battery tube or case such as flashlights and walkie-talkies. The Sigelei 50W features several short parallel slashes along the opposite side to the two wavy lines as a way to let air out.


Usually, buttons on these cases are separate from each other and shaped as circles, squares, triangles, or other 4-sided shapes. One the Sigelei 50W there is a big square firing button, a rectangular screen, then a switch I think of as a see-saw where you depress one side to increase watts and the other to decrease them.

Feel Protected

The Yihi chip protects vapers from assorted nasty consequences of using an atomizer that’s built for less than 0.2 ohms, overheating the battery, or letting battery voltage drop too low. Your device will simply shut off if there is trouble.


Although the newest version of this 50W mod is slightly larger than version 1, it’s still light (just over half a pound), wireless, and portable. Customers are paying around $80 for the 50W but also another few dollars for a battery (not included) so the whole kit will come to around $100.

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