In the box mod world, you can go a little too far if you are not watching carefully. There are some beasts out there: 150W, 200W, and 260W monsters ready to eat you alive.

Yep, you could be consumed by a cloud of vapor while your device eats up batteries like some hideous monster from the underworld.

It will cost you more to run in the long term and you didn’t want something so powerful anyway. You don’t even know how to control its power or have no interest in finding out.


SMOK’s compact box is a mini monster, small enough for you to take charge, create thick vapor, but well within the levels you had in mind. If you feel like Jekyll one day, operate the Xpro as an adjustable mod. Become Hyde the next, this is still your best bet. The Xpro M22 is a hybrid which operates mechanically as well.

Specifications of the Xpro M22 by SMOK

In its adjustable state, the M22 accepts atomizers built for 1-ohm resistance or higher and operates at up to 22W or down to 6 watts. A long oval screen and 3 operation buttons all share one narrow side with a little hole to re-start if your machine has to shut-off due to malfunction.

The firing button is marginally larger than two up and down buttons, all circular. The other side is ridged. Measurements of 22 x 3 8 x 85 mm make this slender and compact. Aluminum and zinc alloys are employed to create an affordable but tough little box for taking with you everywhere.

Vendors carry SMOK’s Xpro M22 in four colors: gold, silver, grey, or black. High-temperature protection is built in along with a 2200-mAh battery. You’ll need to charge the whole box via USB: that battery is not supposed to come out until it dies, at which time you are meant to approach your vendor about replacing it or, more likely, replacing the whole box with an updated model.

Talk to an expert about operating in mechanical mode if you have no experience with this method of vaping. The Xpro offers a convenient way to get started before you fulfill interest in completely mechanical vaporizers like the Akuma or Copper Penny.

Add an Atomizer

Since this is only meant to be used at low but not sub-ohms, attach a regular tank atomizer to the SMOK Xpro M22, not a dripping atomizer. Your outlay will not be put to good effect if you make such an investment, at least not until you get the hang of its mechanical functions.

Something similar to the SMOK RSST with adjustable airflow, stainless steel rebuildable atomizer head, and glass tube would be ideal. An Aspire Nautilus is also a good option. Anything too big would appear ill-suited to the job owing to the Xpro M22’s slender build, but a CE5 isn’t good enough either.

Pyrex and stainless steel complement the box and will not interfere with the flavor of your e liquid. A 510-compatible tank should fit neatly.

Buy the Kit

The SMOK Xpro M22 (and compatible pieces) is sold by various authorized SMOK vendors in the United States for around $35. It is not sold as part of a set: you have to choose your charging hardware and tank, but this is an affordable selection. With a charger, tank, and liquid, you could walk away with a bill for less than $75.

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