Style Focus: Where Do the Style Names Come From?

Each style LuLaRoe offers has a special name associated with it. So where DO those names come from?

First of all, you need to understand that the owners of LuLaRoe, Mark and DeAnne Stidham are “family first” type of people. They have 14 kids between the two of them, nearly half being adopted from various countries.

The very name of the company is a mash-up of their granddaughters: LUcy, loLA and monROE.  They have surrounded themselves with their family members to run this business. DeAnne is full of love and acceptance. She is very quick to accept others and draw them into her family.

Each style is named after someone near and dear to the family. Daughters, Granddaughters, Nieces and even consultants have had a piece named for them.

While most of the pieces are “female”, there are a few named after some very special men.

Randy was the very first male consultant! He definitely deserves to have a shirt named after him.

Patrick is named after our designer extraordinaire! He not only designs our wonderful pieces, he also makes all of his personal clothing. He made the “Patrick” for himself, then made it for the guys at the Home Office. It just grew from there and is now available to all of us.

Irma is Patrick’s wife. While she is not technically associated with LuLaRoe, she definitely has inspired this piece. The Irma is a top that has been made for years. Patrick started making it for Irma. Once LuLaRoe added leggings to our line-up, they realized the Irma was a perfect match-up. Roomy for comfort and long in back to cover your…”assets.

Here’s a relatively complete list of who’s who.

As you can see, it’s a family affair here at LuLaRoe.

Tell me, what is your favorite style and how do you like to wear it? You can shop most of these styles here in my VIP group. Let me help you find the perfect fit!

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