The Best Hidden Gems in FIFA 18 Career Mode

FIFA 18 screenshot

A comprehensive list of the best hidden gems in FIFA 18 with the highest potential and growth ratings of all the young players....

FIFA 18 screenshot

FIFA 18 is now available for anyone who has purchased the Ronaldo Edition or Icon Edition (September 29th for everyone). If you’re part of the former group who gets to play the game three days early, you’ve probably already jumped into career mode and already scouring the rosters to find those hidden gems to sign for your team.

Hidden Gemsare players you can get for a bargain and then train over time to maximize their overall rating increase. Players with high growth will increase dramatically and can then be sold later on when they are rated much higher (or become superstars of your team).

Luckily, EA Sports has done much of the work for us. If you don’t have time to scout around the leagues, and would rather sign those young future stars early, here’s alistof some of the highlights. The list is broken up into two categories: Highest Potential, players with the highest Potential, but not necessarily the most Growth; andHidden Gems, players with the highest Growth rating but not necessarily the highest potential rating.

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