The Chinese province where the virus first appeared reaches zero?

Chinese Hubei province where they first appeared coronavirus reaches zero? The ambiguous statement of the officials and the true response of residents....

Hubei, a Chinese province in the center of the outbreak of coronavirus, said on Friday that there were no new infections outside the capital, Wuhan. This news was an important milestone in the government’s campaign to combat the epidemic that swept the country in January.

Daily update on its web site of the national Commission of health in China has reported 126 new cases of infection in Hubei on Friday, but the first time they were in Wuhan, a city with a population of 11 million people, where considered to be, there was a coronavirus. Just Friday, there were 143 new cases of the disease, which indicates that Wuhan is the only obvious hot spot of new infections in China.

The downward trend is the result of the joint efforts of the Chinese government to curb the spread of the disease. Since January, the government imposed a nationwide restriction on the quarantine and travel, and set up the Hubei under lockdown, in fact 56 million people.

The new figures reflect a sharp decline from a few weeks earlier. One day in early February, Hubei reported more than 1,400 new cases outside Wuhan in just one day. One of the government-appointed Chinese researchers working to combat the outbreak, said Thursday the state newspaper People’s Daily that, based on the data it expects at the end of this month, Wuhan will reach zero new infections.

In the center of the outbreak in China, the Wuhan residents, who for several weeks were imprisoned in their homes, interrupting the visiting Deputy Prime Minister on Thursday, and some shouted from their Windows: “Fake! All fake!”

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