The cure for coronavirus: drugs on the recommendations of the Ministry of health

Лекарство от коронавируса находится в разработке

Currently a cure for coronavirus (COVID-19) is still in development. Look at what the drugs against the coronavirus recommended by the Ministry of health....

The cure for coronavirus in the development and currently there is no official drug to be used in practice. Chinese new coronavirus COVID-19 causes a serious infectious disease that affects the lung tissue. After the first outbreak in Wuhan, the virus quickly spread around the world. Today the number of people infected with coronavirus officially more than 150 thousand people. The user who has acknowledged the spread of the virus COVID-19 pandemic, and the epicenter of the tragedy called Europe. In this regard, people around the world interested in the question of effective treatment of coronavirus infection.

Лекарство от коронавируса находится в разработке

The contents
  1. Is there a cure for coronavirus?
  2. When you find a cure for coronavirus?
  3. Than treat coronavirus in China?
  4. What drugs against the coronavirus recommends that the Ministry of health?
  5. List of drugs from coronavirus
  6. What drugs for the prevention COVID-19 can be applied?
  7. What to look for when infection: first steps

Is there a cure for coronavirus?

Currently there is no effective specific treatment for coronavirus infection. Also there is no vaccine that will protect against infection and development of severe disease. The pathogen shows resistance to most antiviral drugs. To use antibiotics in this disease is useless, since they are effective only for bacterial infections.

Despite the large number of medical information on the Internet, people bulk buying antivirals and immunomodulators. Both of these groups of drugs have not proved effectiveness.

  • Anti-viral drugs.Among Russians, especially popular this antiviral drug as “Arbidol”. Epidemiologists claim that none of the numerous studies conducted over the past ten years, confirmed the effectiveness of this tool. Also doctors do not recommend to take other medication of the antiviral group, as a universal drug against all the pathogens it’s impossible to develop. This is due to the wide variety of viral agents and their structure.
  • The immunomodulators.Special attention is who pays the funds to strengthen the immune system – immunomodulators. Doctors around the world advise not to take the funds either in the prevention or in the treatment of coronavirus infection. No therapeutic effect, these drugs do not give.

Действенные препараты против коронавируса еще не созданы

To take any drugs against coronavirus infection without a prescription not recommended.

In the absence of chemical compounds that can destroy the virus, most infected people get symptomatic therapy. We encourage you to watch the first symptoms of the coronavirus in humans. They prescribe:

  • antipyretics to normalize the body temperature;
  • painkillers for severe pain in the chest, throat and muscles;
  • oksigenatiu of the body.

Какие препараты против коронавируса рекомендованы минздравом

When you find a cure for coronavirus?

The Declaration of a pandemic was a catalyst for the development of new drugs and vaccines against coronavirus in the biotechnology industry. On this question there are the most advanced pharmaceutical companies and research organizations such as the national Institute of health.

It is expected that the first vaccine against COVID-19 in China will be ready for clinical trials by the end of April. This was announced by Vice-Minister of science and technology of China Xu Nanping. To begin clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus is planned for may of this year, so we can expect a speedy solution of the problem. It is worth noting that this is all tentative dates and actual date of creation of drugs or vaccines against coronavirus may be too late.

The health authorities who noted that the Gilead drug has already demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of coronavirus infection. However, until official confirmation, the doctors do not use this medication in formal therapy.

Разработка лекарственных препаратов против коронавируса COVID-19

The development of drugs and vaccines against COVID-19 are engaged in leading pharmaceutical companies around the world.The most promising studies to date include such samples:

  • Have ifenprodil.The company Algernon Pharmaceuticals announced that it explores its product NP-120 (was Ifenprodil) as a potential drug against COVID-19. This substance acts as an antagonist of the virus, not allowing it to enter the cells. The drug has already shown effectiveness in tests on mice.
  • APN01. This drug, developed by APEIRON Biologics, is now undergoing testing in China. Through the development of APN01 is the study conducted by a Professor at the University of British Columbia. Scientist have identified a protein capable of binding the pathogen.
  • Brillin.Innovation Pharmaceuticals announced that it is testing the drug Relatedin against coronavirus infection. This substance has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties, as confirmed in several clinical trials.

Есть ли лекарство от коронавируса?

Please note:the map of coronavirus in realtime on the main page of the project displays the current number of infected, recovered or deceased. In tables, you can see the city and the country with the exact number of people.

Also conducted a survey of several vaccines:

  • Intranasal coronavirus vaccine Altimmune.Promising intranasal vaccine being developed by U.S. biopharmaceutical company Altimmune. Now studies are on the clinical stage. The next step will be animal testing.
  • Beijing vaccine from Inovio Pharmaceuticals. Vaccine development is supported by a grant of 9 million dollars from the Coalition for innovation in the field of preparedness for epidemics (CEPI). Preclinical trials are ongoing, and the human study has already been approved and will start in the coming days. The company has prepared 3,000 doses for clinical trials on humans are planned in the United States, China and South Korea.

To date, no one can accurately answer the question when you find a cure for coronavirus. Most scientists hope that an effective treatment plan will be developed before the end of April 2020.

Than treat coronavirus in China?

Какие лекарственные препараты рекомендованы в Китае для борьбы с коронавирусом

The majority of patients infected in China, received only symptomatic treatment of the disease. In the absence of means for destruction of the pathogen, the task of doctors to help the body cope with infection. With this purpose therapy is directed to lowering the temperature of the body, symptoms of fever and oxygenation of the body. Elderly patients suffering from severe forms of pneumonia, are connected to the ventilator.

Among the latest news about the treatment of coronavirus in China, a particularly important fact of the appearance of the first drug that is prescribed for destruction of the pathogen. The national Directorate of medicines China has approved the use of antiviral preparation “Failover” for the treatment of coronavirus. It is reported that this medicine has demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of the disease with minimal side effects. This was confirmed in a clinical study involving 70 patients. The study was conducted in the city of Shenzhen (Guangdong province).

What drugs against the coronavirus recommends that the Ministry of health?

Рекомендации Минздрава России: лекарства против коронавируса

The Ministry of health of Russia has prepared recommendations for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment COVID-19. Patients with a confirmed diagnosis, the Ministry of health experts recommended to prescribe such drugs:

  • Ribavirin;
  • Lopinavir/Ritonavir;
  • Recombinant interferon beta-1b.

All of these drugs are included in the classical scheme of treatment of complicated influenza and pneumonia. However, experts give a mixed assessment of these recommendations, as each of these drugs has a large number of contraindications and side effects. They absolutely cannot be used to prevent disease and to self-medication. Doctors prescribe it only in case of positive analysis COVID-19.

List of drugs from coronavirus

Список препаратов против коронавируса на сегодня

There are several drugs that have shown efficacy in the treatment of the disease:

  • Ramdevpir.This is an experimental antiviral drug broad spectrum of action, originally developed to fight Ebola. The researchers found that Ramdevpir very effective against the novel coronavirus in isolated cells.
  • Chloroquine.This drug is used to deal with malaria and autoimmune diseases. In medical practice it is used more than 70 years and is considered safe. At least 10 clinical trials have confirmed its effectiveness against the coronavirus.
  • Lopinavir and Ritonavir.These medicines are sold under the name Kaletra and HIV. Confirmed at least one case their performance in South Korea. There are 54-year-old man was given a combination of these two medicines, after which he had recorded a significant decrease in the activity of the pathogen coronavirus infection. According to the world health organization (who), the use of Kaletra in combination with other drugs can improve the condition of patients.
  • Failover.This drug was originally developed for the treatment of inflammations in the nose and throat. Its application in relation COVID-19 have already been approved in China.

Large-scale studies conducted around the world, allow us to calculate the additions to this list in the near future.

What drugs for the prevention COVID-19 can be applied?

Препараты для профилактики коронавируса COVID-19

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