The Dance Commission One-Day Intensive with CollectiveUth & Creating Opportunities

The Dance Commission one-day dance intensive by Creating Opportunities and CollectiveUth, for advanced-level students age 6 to adult, is June 16, 2012....

Jun 14, 2012

Chonique Sneed & Lisette Bustamante of Creating Opportunities, Todd Flanagan of CollectiveUth, Matt Cady of Fanny Pak, Mos Wanted Crew members, and more will teach and present at this one-day dance intensive for advanced students age 6 through adult! Planned as a full-package event, the day features dance classes, a Creating Opportunities crash course, and workshops on topics from nutrition and wellness to marketing yourself as an artist.

Registration starts at 8 am at the NoHo PAC studio in North Hollywood. The final jam session begins at 5 pm. The cost of the full event is $150 (lunch is included). The Junior Commission morning program (for dancers age 6-10) costs $50, and single classes may be purchased for $20 apiece.

For the full schedule, online registration, and more, see the Dance Commission web site. (The site provides extensive information, including detailed bios of the instructors!) For further questions, e-mail or call (704) 488-5072.

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