The death toll from the coronavirus in Italy vyraslo to 3405

In Italy now 41 035 podverzhdennyh cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19. The number of dead infected to 3405, which is more than in China....

Italy, which was one of the most affected countries in the world since the first coronavirus began to spread on Thursday passed a grim milestone: it has announced that the number of deaths from this virus has risen to 3405, exceeding the number of victims in China, where the virus struck first.

With the rise of the crisis, Italy is increasingly turning for help to its military.

The cemetery in the Northern city of Bergamo is so overloaded that the army was summoned to transport the bodies elsewhere for cremation, and the army sent 120 doctors and health workers to assist in Bergamo and nearby cities in the Lombardy region, while field hospitals and emergency respiratory offices are being established in other places in the North.

The spread of the virus in Italy was fast and frightening, even after the country became the first in Europe, which has imposed severe restrictions on the movement of people to try to curb the outbreak. As the death toll grew, traditional funeral services were outlawed as part of the national restrictions on Assembly.

Only in the last two days, there were 902 deaths: 475 Wednesday and 427 on Thursday. According to officials, most of those who died, had serious pre-existing conditions. In Italy now 41 035 occasions.

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte said in an interview with Thursday’s Corriere della Sera that there are restrictive measures.

Obviously, when we reach a peak, and the infection will begin to decline, at least in per cent, hopefully even a few days or weeks, we will not be able to get back to our normal lives“, he said.

The face of steadily bad news, the Italians have risen to confront the crisis — the worst the country has faced since the Second world war, with courage and creative attempts to support their mood. Some chained to the house of the Italians, trying to follow the rules of social distancing in the famous social network, the evening began to separate each other from their balconies. And many have come out to their balconies to applaud the doctors and medical workers who risk their lives on the front lines, the demonstration of public gratitude, which was supported by Spain and other countries.

Other European countries also reported an increase in prices. France has crossed the threshold of 10 000 cases of coronavirus on Thursday, when the country experienced the third day of blocking, reporting 10 995 cases and 372 deaths.

The French government was strong pressure from doctors, the police and the public due to the lack of masks and gloves. And after Wednesday in the parks of Paris along the coast of France were seen groups of people who, contrary to regulations, went to the closure of pedestrian crossings along the river and blocking access to the beach in most places.

There are people who consider themselves to be modern heroes by breaking the rules, while they really are idiots, “said the Minister of internal Affairs of the country Christoph Kastner French radio station.

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