The disappearance of second Bina new Fan in China

Monday was the second on account of the disappearance of the new leading reports from the province of Wuhan. This time it was the citizen journalist Fan Bin....

VideobloggerFan Binin the city ofWuhan, which documented the conditions of detention of cases of coronavirus citizens in overcrowded hospitals in the center of the epidemic, disappeared, which has caused concern to his supporters and civil society that he may have been detained by the authorities.

Blogger, Fan Bin, is the second civilian journalist in the city, missing a week after criticism of government response to the epidemic of the coronavirus.

The disappearances are due to the fact that the Chinese authorities suppress mass media and the Internet, trying to control the narrative about the escalation of the crisis.

Last month a blogger Fan Bin began to publish the video hospital in Wuhan on YouTube, including the video, which was a pile of bags with the bodies in the van.

In early February, Mr Fung said in the video that he was briefly detained and interrogated. Last video of the Fang, published on Sunday, was recorded on a sheet of paper: “All citizens are resisting, return power to the people“.

Gao FEI, a resident of a neighboring city, which is part of a chat group created by a Fan works in the Chinese social networking application WeChat, said that he had heard from another member of the group that Fang was taken from his apartment plainclothes Officers on Monday.

According to his friends, last week, Chen Zuchi, a citizen journalist and a lawyer from Wuhan, which recorded the plight of patients and lack of hospital facilities, had disappeared.

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