The Iranian authorities cannot take the situation with the coronavirus under the control of

Iran is experiencing one of the worst outbreaks of coronavirus in the world: every day more than 1000 new cases. But none of the authorities could not take control....

Iran is experiencing one of the worst outbreaks of coronavirus in the world: every day recorded more than 1000 new cases. More senior government officials have contracted the coronavirus in Iran, more than anywhere else. Field hospitals were built on Parking lots, stadiums and wedding halls to handle the overflow of patients.

However, when the stake is so much, no one knows who is responsible for what. Iran’s strategy for combating pandemic was incensed by the power struggles within the hierarchy that erupted publicly.

A splash of contradictory messages in recent days, angered many of the 80 million citizens of the country, and stressed strict us economic sanctions, unemployment and distrust of their leaders.

Some even hope that the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps and other parts of the armed forces will assume responsibility and ensure compliance with quarantine. For many Iranians, such desires were unthinkable just a few weeks ago when the guards suppressed anti-government protests and covered the Downing of the airliner, which killed 176 people.

In interviews, supporters and opponents of the government of President Hassan Rouhani criticized what they called poor judgment, incompetence and inability to understand the seriousness of the crisis.

Many people simply ignore a government warning about the exposure. Siamak Ghassemi, economic analyst in Tehran, published on Tuesday in the Twitter photo buyers who locked the Bazaar of Tehran during the binge shopping before the beginning of the Persian New year.

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