The Italians at quarantine: how is new life in isolation

On Sunday at 6 o'clock in cevera the Italians sing "Ma il cielo è più blu semper" Nino Gaetano, who topped the charts in 1975....

Italy blocked the face of the most serious in Europe, outbreaks of coronavirus. On Saturday, the country reported 175 new cases of death a total of 1441, and 2795 of new cases, the total number of which exceeds 21 000.

At noon Saturday, millions of Italians from Piedmont to Sicily, jumped out of Windows or stood on their balconies to applaud the health care workers in hospitals and other medical staff for the treatment of coronavirus infected patients.

As Church bells, usually drowns out the traffic, rattled in a surreal silence that defines Italy after the close social environment, applause filled the streets, squares and even a country road, after social networks began to spread, urging Italians to fold their hands and wait for help.

Was a similar response to another online appeal on Friday evening, where the government asked the Italians to sing a hymn or to play a musical instrument at exactly 6 PM. Remote social mob has embraced social network.

Naturally, not all are endowed with such a voice like Pavarotti. Some Italians prefer banging pots and shouting: “We’ll do it.”

At 6 PM on Saturday, the Italians sing “Azzurro”, the hit 1968 singer Adriano Celentano, and on Sunday “Ma il cielo è più blu semper” Nino Gaetano, who topped the charts in 1975.

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