The Louvre is closed. The coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Europe

Press Secretary of the Louvre Museum in Paris will reopen after a meeting with the leadership, but later wrote on Twitter that he will remain closed....

Long queues of visitors were locked in Paris on Sunday near the Louvre after the most visited Museum in the world, said that conducting a staff meeting about the outbreak of coronavirus.

On Twitter, the Louvre said that “the Museum cannot open in the moment” because of the informational meetings on the state of public health related to the prevention of coronavirus.

The press Secretary told reporters that the Museum in Central Paris is expected to be reopened after a meeting with the leadership, staff and doctor, but later Twitter announced that it will remain closed

This step was taken, when the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Europe continued to grow.

In Italy, outbreaks on the continent, was 1694 cases and 34 deaths. France has reported 100 cases and two deaths. And on Sunday, Germany announced that the number of such cases has risen to 117, including 66 in North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous state.

Ireland reported its first case, reported Sunday in the Center for supervision of health in the country, while in the neighboring British officials reported that the number of such cases increased to 35. School in reading, South East England, said Saturday that the school personnel after testing COVID-2019 positive result, forcing the school “closed for several days to conduct a deep cleaning, “—said the Director of the school in the letter to the parents of the students.

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