The Minister of health of great Britain is infected with the coronavirus

The Minister of health, UK Nadine Dorris was confirmed on Tuesday reports that it had tested positive for the coronavirus....

The Minister of health, UK Nadine Dorris confirmed late on Tuesday evening, reports that she has tested positive for the coronavirus. She attended a reception at the official residence of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson two days earlier.

Ms. Dorris said in his post on Twitter that she felt “quite tired”, but hoped that the worst of the viral diseases has come and gone. In the British news say that she was the first member of Parliament that gave a positive result.

According to the British news agencies, officials in the health sector in a hurry to track her contacts, among whom were dozens of voters and legislators, as well as employees of the Ministry of health and social protection. She was in Downing street, 10, at the residence of Mr. Johnson, on Sunday, on international women’s day.

This news sparked a debate in Britain about the need to suspend the activities of the Parliament. Legislators meet in a cramped house of Commons, sitting shoulder to shoulder on the green leather benches, creating favorable conditions for the spread of the disease.

Ms. Dorris felt ill on Friday when she signed a binding document that officially declared the coronavirus “bystrorastvorimami infection” that has enabled British companies to obtain insurance to cover losses.

Some observers noted that Ms. Doris, it seems, voted in the House of Commons about a week ago, which means that it, at least briefly communicated with other legislators at a time when she could be contagious.

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