The number of cases of the disease in the USA exceeds 250 – coronavirus

The United States authorities announced about 250 new cases of coronavirus and 15 deaths as of Friday, March 6, 2020....

United States authorities reported 250 cases of coronavirus and 15 deaths as of Friday, and on the West coast was the main damage.

Washington was the highest number of cases 84 and deaths — 14. Most of the deaths occurred in nursing home in Seattle. Officials in king County, Washington, reported that in the last 24 hours 15 people companies Life Centre was taken to hospital.

Also in Seattle, two Microsoft employee’s being treated for the coronavirus, the first company who got the diagnosis, said a company representative. Microsoft did not close their campuses, but advised the employees to work from home if possible. Emerald City Comic Con, an event that attracts tens of thousands of people to Seattle every year, announced Friday on the transfer date, which was scheduled for next week.

On Friday the University of Washington said it will cancel individual classes, give the students the opportunity to take lessons and exams remotely while in the district’s fight against the growing outbreak of coronavirus, bringing the other colleges across the country are preparing to follow this example, if a virus will become more common. The University, which enrolled 50,000 students in three campuses across the Seattle region, said that the changes will begin on Monday and will continue until the end of the winter quarter, which ends March 20.

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