The number of deaths due to the coronavirus grows in Italy every day

"The people perish. Coronavirus is not just the flu, this new virus," said Bavarian Governor Marcus Seder on Friday in Munich....

On Friday, in Italy there were 627 new cases of death from coronavirus, the highest figure for one day, bringing the death toll has exceeded 4,000 people. Spain became the second European country in which registered more than 1,000 deaths, and officials there have warned that the health system in the country could soon be overwhelmed.

French officials continued to tighten restrictions on movement in anticipation of the peak of the epidemic. In Germany the government of the southern state of Bavaria issued an order, which in most cases people should stay home — it is a far-reaching measure in the country, which attracts people to public debt and base to keep their homes.

And Britain which resisted such extensive closures, which many other countries have taken a few days ago reluctantly agreed to close one of the symbols of the nation — pub. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, to cafes, pubs and restaurants in the country closed on Friday evening and also night clubs, theatres, sports halls, cinemas, sports and entertainment.

These measures will apply throughout the United Kingdom after agreement was reached with the authorities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We have a real threat to our country and the capacity of our National health service to cope with this, “said Mr. Johnson, adding that he will keep the transportation network open.

His announcement came as the Chancellor of the exchequer Rishi Sunak said that the government will help pay a large portion of wages for those who can’t work. Can be covered up to 80 per cent of the wage of these workers, said Mr. Sunak, adding that social security will increase.

The rapid spread of the virus means that many countries are facing a simultaneous shortage of much-needed medical equipment — from protective clothing to beds and ambulances — because their health systems are broken from the growing workload.

The health situation in Madrid is critical, “said Angela Hernandez, Deputy Secretary-General of the Association of physicians of “Amit” in Madrid.

“We have emergency services, she said. “We’re not at the stage of notification about the health, and this anxiety”.

In the region of Catalonia, hospital patients are accommodated in hotels. Some hospitals in the Basque region currently has dedicated most of the floors cases of coronavirus.

And in France increasingly resent the lack of face masks, the nursing homes warn of the mortal danger for residents if their employees do not receive masks. Jérôme Salomon, a senior official of the Ministry of health of France, said that 35 million have been distributed, and promised that the authorities are increasing the production and distribution of new medical masks.

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