The promise of the United States об1 million tests for coronavirus provalilas

In the fight against coronavirus in the US do not have time to produce diagnostic kits to determine infection. While the test lasts for 15 thousand people a day....

The companies providing medical services, and officials of public health are questioning the assurances of the US Federal government that testing for the virus has increased significantly, as there continue to be complaints that the need for equipment to conduct this testing continues to exceed demand.

“According to estimates, which we get from the industry right now, by the end of this week will be held about a million tests,” — said the head of Department on control of products and drugs in the White House, Dr. Stephen Hahn.

But some companies developing the tests, saying they are tested for weeks before it turns out to approve at the state level.

And even if I had a million available test kits, laboratory of public health has said it will not be able to handle almost the same number of citizens within 7 days. On Monday, the representative of the Ministry of health and social services stated that public health laboratories can now test just 15,000 people a day, although it is expected that this figure will grow.

In the United States, the number of cases infected with coronavirus has risen to 100, with seven deaths associated with the virus and infected patients in more than 13 States because local health authorities have distributed their forces from coast to coast for risk assessment for schools, medical institutions.

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