The red cross in the US in a bad position due to coronavirus

The red cross in the US in a bad position because of the coronavirus, because every day there are losses in the number of blood donors in all States....

The American Red Cross typically supplies about 40 percent of the blood in the United States, but more than 4,500 fences were cancelled that were supposed to donate almost 150 000 people.

As a rule, the Red Cross must obtain 13 000 blood donors in one day, so he’s already lost about 11 days of inventory. The erythrocytes viable for 42 days, platelets only five, so the need for new donations.

This is an unprecedented situation, “said Dr. Pampi Yang, chief physician of biomedical services for the red cross. “We are already actively sort units by identifying which hospitals can and can’t get the blood“.

Although donor blood is not used to treat patients with the coronavirus, blood transfusion is still necessary in cases such as trauma, organ transplants or complications of childbirth.

In the worst case it could be a wounded young patient who got in a car accident, and blood for him there, “said Dr. Yang. “We’re not quite there, but this is the main fear of the coming month“.

Important:we recommend to watch the first symptoms of the coronavirus in humans and preventive measures to reduce the chance of infection. A graph that is on the main page of our project is a detailed online map of coronavirus with data updates every 15 minutes.

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