The state Department advises Americans not to travel abroad

The state Department recommended on Thursday that American citizens abroad or to return home or to remain in place for the growth of a new pandemic coronavirus....

The Department of state recommended Thursday that American citizens abroad or to return home or to remain in place for the growth of a new pandemic coronavirus.

The Department raised its global recommendations for travel to the fourth level, the highest warning level, is usually designed for countries with war zones or suffering from serious failures.

The announcement is a recommendation, not a requirement. Millions of Americans are still abroad, and many probably would prefer to stay in place.

If you decide to travel around the world, your travel plans can be seriously disrupted, and you may be forced to stay outside the U.S. for an indefinite period of time“, — stated in the message.

Some tourists or American citizens who do not have long-term living conditions or support networks abroad, tried to return to the United States, but it was difficult due to the closure or reduction of flight routes and other transport links.

President trump, who during a briefing on Thursday, asked about how the Americans were overseas and trying to return to the United States, said the administration is working with the military to bring them home.

The state Department used five Charter flights, sent from the United States to evacuate American citizens from Wuhan, China, center of the outbreak, and two for returning passengers cruise ship Diamond Princess from Japan, but currently has no plans to launch similar flights. American diplomats, who returned to the United States from countries where there was a major flare, was doing it mainly for commercial flights.

Policy first reported about the plans of the state Department on Thursday.

Some other countries have released travel recommendations, saying that their citizens should return home or travel abroad. Canada did it last Friday, as Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau was in the 14-day period of quarantine, since his wife Sophie Trudeau gave a positive result for the new coronavirus. Canada and many other countries have also closed its borders to secondary traffic to limit the spread of the virus.

Also Thursday, military officials, the US announced that they will stop the deployment of the bases in Iraq, at least for the next 14 days. This move follows similar initiatives in Afghanistan, as the Pentagon is struggling with the spread of the coronavirus.

The changes come at a time when US troops in Iraq are struggling with the recent flood of rocket attacks initiated by associated with Iran, the militia, and when the U.S.-led coalition in the country, closes several small bases throughout the country.

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